Wedding Favors

--- OH! Guests of the Patrick/Micah wedding, you may not want to read any further! We'd like you to be surprised at the favors!

From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted to do edible wedding favors. Don't get me wrong: The magnets of the bride and groom, their date, moniker, etc etc are all cute and well and good. But for me, the best wedding favors I have appreciated the most (IMHO) are ones that I can eat! I've seen really imaginative personalized ones like homemade vanilla extract (BM Abbie's wedding!), and even as simple as the all-loving tulle-wrapped Jordan Almonds. I like that guests can have a delicious piece of the wedding to remember as soon as the ride home!

A couple of months ago, the Holidays were in town and my Grammy bakes these amazingly delicious and addictive cookies each year for our family's celebration of Christmas. They are none other than simple Chocolate Chip Thumbprint cookes with Raspberry preserves as the filling and I've got to tell you, my family hides them from me because I could eat all of them in one SITTING they are so good (and that's really saying something because there is about 3-dozen to each batch of cookies baked)! While I happily munched away at the cookies, a sudden thought came to my head... "OMG I LOVE these things, everyone else must LOVE them so why don't we have them as our FAVORS????!?!!!"

Luckily, Patrick is a sweet man who indulges my sugar-high-induced fancies and agreed that the Thumbprints would be an awesome favor for our guests (he loves the cookies too)! And why not? It would be a special touch to serve them, baked with love from our kitchen and like I said  3-dozen to a batch so at least it won't be too bad a process of baking, right? Here is our plan:

1. Bake a test batch and stick it in the freezer for one month. (I'd like to complete the cookie baking in June so I don't have to be freaking out too close to the wedding). Status: CHECK! I baked some last week and they are waiting in the freezer.

2. After a month of being frozen, take out the test batch and a.) see how long it takes them to thaw, and b.) see how they taste/look. Determine the time frame for baking/packaging the actual batch of favor cookies.

3. Depending on the results of the test batch, bake and freeze 400-500 (whew!) little thumbprint cookies for the favors in June.

4. Unfreeze and package a few days before, then hand em' out at the wedding! Woot!

So far, obvs because it is still really early, we've only made it through the first step of the plan.

Step 1: baking the first test batch!
A little rough looking, but cute enough!
We plan on making little hearts with our thumbs for the actual imprints. The test batch, I'll admit, is not the prettiest thing I've ever done, it'll do for now. The real artistry will come in the baking of the actual favor batches.
So there they are! All wrapped up with no where to go for a month.
I'm actually dying to try them, but alas, I have to wait until 5/20! Boo! At least it gives me time to think about how I'm going to package them!

What are you doing for your favors? What's your stance on the edible v. token wedding favors?



P.S. Oh! I promise the recipe when I review how the test batch came out! So hang tight until then (and yes, it is a family recipe)!

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