Ok. Is anyone else OBSESSED with cupcakes? No? Just me? ...that's ok...
Ever since P's birthday, (his company surprised him with cupcakes) I have been craving cupcakes at our wedding! They are adorable and so delicious!

Having been feverishly calmly perusing wedding blogs and magazines of late, I have been more exposed to the idea of having cupcakes. I know, I know...they are all the rage nowadays, but I love the idea that we have a cupcake tower with a small layer of cake on top for us to cut! There would be several flavors and frostings to choose from, which is great especially for guests/me who might like a variety of options for dessert. And when you think about chocolate ganache, lemon frosting and hazelnut buttercream, they OBVS can't be on the same cupcake!

So, variety is key! Now to convince the fiancee that they should be in!




  1. I LOVE cupcakes..when is your wedding date? i'd love to add you to my blogging brides page on my site!

  2. Aw thank! I'm glad someone else does! My wedding date is 7.14.2012! :)

  3. I love cupcakes and always have since I can remember tasting my Mum's at a young age. So much so that she's making them for our wedding.