Fireworks forever!

Three years ago, on July 4th, Patrick gave me a beautiful blue rose, a hand-written piece of music he wrote that I love, and a joker card with the words "Will You Be My Girlfriend" written on it. I excitedly accepted. From there, we grew together and fell more in love with each passing day. He is my best friend in the entire world, and I cannot wait to marry him.

On Monday, to celebrate our anniversary, we had a relaxing breakfast and spent some time together and then headed over for a day at the Museum of Science! It was such an amazing day spent in each other's company. With my apprenticeship taking over most of my time and his job during the days, it was really nice to spend all day together. Especially since there was a DINOSAUR exhibit!

Watching "Waking the T-Rex" in 3D!
We traditionally exchange gifts for our anniversary, and this year we did GOOOOD! I got Patrick a print of one of his favorite paintings by Francisco Goya:

"The Dog" Francisco Goya circa 1819-1823
Patrick got me an Amazon Kindle, which I am LOVING! He also had the most gorgeous bouquet delivered (from the place he had gotten the blue rose bouquet that we had on the night of the proposal) to me of blue roses....with Peacock feathers!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but we are going to have a Peacock colored wedding! Patrick tells me that he didn't have them add the peacock feathers specifically, it was a glorious coincidence!

We had a wonderful day to celebrate us, not to mention a happy 4th of July! Patrick later told me that he wanted to ask me on July 4th so that we would always have fireworks on our special day. (I'm the luckiest person ever!) Although our wedding will be on the 14th of July next year, I know that we will have always fireworks everyday. Happy anniversary, honey!



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