OMG. Shoes!

(Hey Patrick, hi! Um...these are contenders for shoes for me...but it's OK. You are only not allowed to see the dress. Ever. Well, until our day of course! ****)

Ok! So I just freaked out a little because thanks to a recent shoe-post by Miss Snow Cone on the BEE, I find myself drooling over these puppies...

In order not to purchase them immediately....because they're GORGEOUS, I will log them away amongst my other crazy posts!

Planning a wedding sure is fantastic! (Must. NOT. buy....)

The Royal Wedding!

Today is the day! All eyes are on Kate and Wills across the pond in merry old England!

From the GORGEOUS engagement ring, to their (literally) fairytale procession by horse-and-carriage, this wedding has been in the headlines for months. TALK about pressure!

But for Kate, or Catherine rather, her composure and grace have never faltered.

For me, (and I'm a little surprised at myself since my brain is literally half wedding, half theatre right now) I wasn't all that obsessed with it. Actually, Patrick was the one who reminded me last night that the wedding would be this morning. I know it has been ALL over the Twitters, and Facebook and now the news, but it was sort of a back of the head thought. Something I knew I wanted to see, but not something I was willing to wake up at 5:00 in the morning for (Sometimes, I'm a little too fond of pressing the snooze button).

But getting breakfast, I was able to catch my first glimpses of the dress and the ceremony, and the recessional on the news (I had planned on fiendishly browsing the Internet to catch everything later). And I saw this...

Oh. My. GOSH. How gorgeous????!???

Her dress was so beautiful and so stylish, which of course I expected, but WOW! Absolutely stunning! I can't imagine the pressure of having all of the world watch you walk down the aisle, I am already feeling some pressure of my own but for this? Jeeze! Everyone and their grandmother would be judging your dress! Overall, I really think that she chose a dress that exceeded expectations. She looks elegant, like a princess, while maintaining her classy, modern Kate-Middleton-style. (BTWs, just found out she did her OWN hair and make-up---stunning!)

From the little that I have seen so far, it looks like a magical, romantic wedding completely fit for a Prince and Princess. I wish them all the happiness.

As the say across the pond,





Ok. Is anyone else OBSESSED with cupcakes? No? Just me? ...that's ok...
Ever since P's birthday, (his company surprised him with cupcakes) I have been craving cupcakes at our wedding! They are adorable and so delicious!

Having been feverishly calmly perusing wedding blogs and magazines of late, I have been more exposed to the idea of having cupcakes. I know, I know...they are all the rage nowadays, but I love the idea that we have a cupcake tower with a small layer of cake on top for us to cut! There would be several flavors and frostings to choose from, which is great especially for guests/me who might like a variety of options for dessert. And when you think about chocolate ganache, lemon frosting and hazelnut buttercream, they OBVS can't be on the same cupcake!

So, variety is key! Now to convince the fiancee that they should be in!




Sneak Peek!

I have something SUPER exciting to share! (But they're not complete yet...so you'll have to deal with a sneaky-peek)...

Copyright to The Studio Nouveau Photography
My good friend Kate has a fantastic photography business with her friend, Lara and Patrick and I were lucky enough to work with Lara the other day at a BEAUTIFUL mansion for an engagement session!

It was so much fun and I can't recommend them enough for weddings, engagement photos and so much more! More information/insanely gorgeous photography at http://www.thestudionouveau.com/.