We did it! As of July 14, 2012, Patrick and I are husband and wife!

Oh! Here's a sneak peak of my dress!
And how handsome does my HUSBAND look???
I am so sorry I haven't posted since the week before, but I got swamped with preparing last minute crafties, and with making sure everything was all set with work so I could leave, I didn't get a chance to post. I will be posting soon about the week before, the last minute DIY projects, the rehearsal dinner and of course the RECAPS (as soon as our amazing photographer hooks us up!)!

Our wedding day was the one of the best days of my life. My heart completely overflowed with excitement and love, and as soon as I saw Patrick, nothing else mattered. Sure, there were snafus, but that's how life is. It was perfect for us. Better than we could have imagined or dreamed. And in the end, we were married. I got to tie the knot to my best friend in front of so many loved ones. I felt surrounded by love and support from our truly wonderful friends and family. I have had several compliments since then saying our wedding was so much fun and people could really "feel the love" in the room. One of the best compliments we received was from our officiant who said we have "amazing friends." Boy, is he right.

We got back two days ago from our amazing honeymoon (posts to come soon!), and are now trying to relax and ease into our married life. Which, I've got to say, is wonderful so far! I'll post soon when the jet lag isn't clouding my thoughts or making me ramble.

I'm so glad to be back, and to finally be a MRS!




Eve Photography - Making us feel like models!

I know I mentioned that our photographer is AMAZING. But she went and amazed us yet again! We were thrilled to have another engagement shoot done last week, and even though we had our e-pics done by a friend before we found Evgenia, it was a great way to see how we would work with her on the day with a sort of "practice shoot."

I had seen her portfolio, and her website and was already impressed, but Patrick and I were floored when we saw the pics from this shoot! So, I found a new blue dress, and Patrick and I headed to the South End in the late afternoon of last Tuesday.

We had so much fun and the locations were beautiful! And though it took a few shots for us to relax and get confident, I am so happy with the pictures. Check them out!

Tush grabbing to loosen up! All smiles.
 She was so great at making us feel confident and giving us little tips on how to hold ourselves for the most flattering looks.

But, she also caught moments "between poses" that were truly *us*.

And the lighting outside on the water was spectacular!

I love how energetic and passionate she is as a photographer. And how caring she is as a person. She's become a real good friend of ours. No need to mention her artistic talent (she's also shot dancers of Lady Gaga's, as well as other celebs!), and she is always working so hard to better her craft. That really speaks to Patrick and I, as artists ourselves.

We had a wonderful time at the shoot and cannot wait to see what she gets this Saturday!!!

LOVE them! Ahh! Cannot be more pleased or grateful or excited with these! (If you're looking for a photographer in and around Boston, MA -- definitely look up Eve Photography. I promise you will find a wonderful, passionate and talented photographer to capture your true selves and love for your big day).



P.S. OMG There is only four days left to the wedding!


Dressing up the Guys!

I can't believe I never told you guys about what the GUYS will be wearing! So rude. I apologize.

When we got engaged, I knew that Patrick would want to have a special outfit for our wedding day. He's a stylish guy, and very particular about clothing, accessories, etc. So we waited for a while, but when I got my dress, we thought we'd start working on the gentlemen's attire.

Patrick didn't want anything ordinary, or boxy looking. In fact, he had a very specific idea about having grey tux jackets with black pants. Super handsome. I told him I'd love whatever he'd pick, and also gave him the vaguest idea of my dress' and the girls dresses' aesthetic: romantic, elegant, etc. Just words to think about. Well, we found a great one, but realized that it would have been 1. ridiculously expensive and 2. quite hard to obtain (from an online website with no in store locations to try on. So we scrapped it and started over. And then...lovely Vera Wang decided again to prove her awesomeness with the BLACK label for Men's Warehouse.

Um. Hello...
It has that sleek, classic look and will look outstanding! (Not to toot our own horns but we have some handsome groomsmen and a HOT groom!). Patrick decided to go with black skinny ties instead of the bow tie, and I can get behind that.

I can't wait to see him in this!
I'm so happy they were able to find something that really will flatter all of the men and that caters to Patrick's modern/classy style.
Oh, remember these? These are Patrick's cufflinks!

I can't wait to see my man all dressed up. Even though his first pick didn't work out, I think we are all going to be very happy with this tux!





Guys, I made a HUGE MISTAKE...

...On our rehearsal dinner invites!

A few weeks ago, we were hashing out final details about the rehearsal dinner the evening before our wedding and that night (around midnight or so) after the consultation with my future-in-laws, I decided it was completely necessary to create and order our rehearsal dinner invitations immediately. Like. Right then. What? We had the guest list, we had the details, why not get it done NOW? So I did. And lo, and behold, a disasterous typo sits glaring at me from otherwise quite elegant little invites. But THIS...

"Your are invited" ...really?!?
I didn't proof read very well, and ended up adding the "r" to what should have said "You." I was so embarassed. So what did I do, first I made the backs of the invites nice and pretty --- to distract them!
See? It's...personalized!
Then, I tried to hide the glaring error with my trusty blue caligraphy pen. I cam up with a few things to embellish them with, but I think that the error will be known no matter what. It's not so bad...right?

At this point, it doesn't bother me much. Our invitations were (IMHO) amazing! As were the Save-the-dates. And this doesn't go to every guest so I am able to laugh about it. But, lesson learned! Always proof read everything! Don't be over-zealous about ordering so that you don't check yourself. Even if it becomes a sort-of last minute thing. :)



In the single digits!

As you may imagine, these last few weeks leading up to the wedding are filled with stress, glee, and then more stress, and then excitement (with a little stress) and more glee. I feel like I am running around like a madwoman, and yet, most everything --- every DIY I wanted to attempt, every task --- is done (I think/hope).

Yesterday, I shared with Patrick our four year anniversary! When I think about it, it is quite the momentous occasion. I never spent so much time in a relationship with one person, and it still and always, always feels exciting and charged with love. I knew very early on in our relationship that it was the relationship, and have been lucky in never doubting that fact for a minute.

As we draw closer to our wedding day, the strength of meaning to our marriage grows more vivid. Ultimately, I can't wait for it to be here. I know we will have a whirlwind day of fun, dancing, singing, happy tears, love and family. But, I also can't wait for the day after the wedding. Not just because we are jetting off on our fantastic honeymoon! GAHHHHH! Details laters, but also because we will. be. married. FINALLY!

In the past few weeks we've been doing everything from our seating chart, to bathroom baskets, to escort cards, to choreographing dances, and it's been a joy -- and also a little stressful. I seem to be ultra-sensitive to everything, but I've got Patrick behind me, and my beautiful bridesmaids all around me. Each being more than 150% supportive and helpful. I am so grateful for that. This weekend is my Bachelorette/Bridal shower (SUPER EXCITED for that), and then, next week is our wedding!

It's true what they say...the last few months FLY by. I am so glad they did, because I am ready to get married and spend the rest of my life with my best friend.