Guys, I made a HUGE MISTAKE...

...On our rehearsal dinner invites!

A few weeks ago, we were hashing out final details about the rehearsal dinner the evening before our wedding and that night (around midnight or so) after the consultation with my future-in-laws, I decided it was completely necessary to create and order our rehearsal dinner invitations immediately. Like. Right then. What? We had the guest list, we had the details, why not get it done NOW? So I did. And lo, and behold, a disasterous typo sits glaring at me from otherwise quite elegant little invites. But THIS...

"Your are invited" ...really?!?
I didn't proof read very well, and ended up adding the "r" to what should have said "You." I was so embarassed. So what did I do, first I made the backs of the invites nice and pretty --- to distract them!
See? It's...personalized!
Then, I tried to hide the glaring error with my trusty blue caligraphy pen. I cam up with a few things to embellish them with, but I think that the error will be known no matter what. It's not so bad...right?

At this point, it doesn't bother me much. Our invitations were (IMHO) amazing! As were the Save-the-dates. And this doesn't go to every guest so I am able to laugh about it. But, lesson learned! Always proof read everything! Don't be over-zealous about ordering so that you don't check yourself. Even if it becomes a sort-of last minute thing. :)



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