Bride Woes

I was sitting on the crowded shuttle bus to get to work yesterday when I could not help but overhear a woman speaking on the phone. She clearly had just gotten married and instead of talking about married life, or the honeymoon or even any sort of normal conversation she was ranting on about everything she regretted about her wedding. This was about a fifteen minute bus ride, and the whole time she was getting more and more negative and all I could think of was how I felt sorry for her and how I really hope to learn from her situation.

She was getting more and more upset as the conversation went on and it was apparent to me that the person on the other side of the phone was trying to pacify her, to no avail. Don't get me wrong, I do not eavesdrop, nor am I nosy when it comes to strangers' conversations, but she was increasing in volume as she increased in temper. She spoke of the cake not being what she "paid for," some unruly guests, and ill-attentive bridesmaids. She didn't sound joyful or happy about her day at all, which is so unfortunate.

I realize, not fully yet, how stressful planning a wedding can be. And how there is all this pressure to make it the best day of your and your spouse-to-be's lives. But things can and will go wrong. All the best advice I've heard is to enjoy yourself and be grateful for the love that surrounds you on that day. I am writing this post now as a way to help myself and other brides-to-be know that the wedding day will be imperfect: but it will be perfect for you if you relax and be yourself and be with your new husband and your friends and family. Do what is right for you and your fiance and your family and friends, and you'll be sure to have a wonderful day!

Patrick is really good at reminding me what the best thing to keep in mind is, and that is our marriage. When I think of it, I really don't need the extra stuff, all that's just part of the celebration. When the planning and coordination gets crazy, I hope to remember this advice:




Wedding Summer 2011 Begins!

Hello all! I know I haven't posted in a long time, but it is for good reason. I have recently returned from somewhat of a destination (read: five hour drive) wedding I was in last week and this week began my 9 to 5, six days a week acting apprenticeship with Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. So, needless to say, I have been running around for quite some time. But it was happy running around, for I was a bridesmaid in my dear friends' wedding on June 4th!

The wedding took place around Philly in PA, and to say that it was romantic, beautiful, and a great time would definitely be an understatement. But let me back track a little to the end of May. After my other great friend's shower and bachelorette, we had another one coming up for Abbie, our June 4th bride! I was in charge of decor for the Shower! (Remember those paper flowers I was ranting about before? Put those to good use, but more on that later!!!) Here are a few pics of how it came out. It was held at Finale; Desserterie & Bakery! (Warning: This link will make you crave sweet, sweet desserts....like NOW!)

Lunch buffet decor
"Bride" Bunting
 "Love" Bunting

I'll be sure also to post tutorials for my DIY decorations like the Bunting and the paper flowers I used for table decor, but I'm watching the length of this post so, it will have to wait for a future post. (I promise, not for as long as before). 
The Shower went off splendidly and I created a Ribbon Bouquet that she actually did use in the rehearsal the day before the wedding.

Ribbon Bouquet, the Second
Abbie, the bea-yoo-tiful bride!
For the Bachelorette, we slipped out of our garden party sundresses and into some slinky black dresses. Abbie wore hot pink and a "Bride-To-Be" sash, completed with a glowing crown. She, being lovely as she is of course, rocked it! We got together, just us bridesmaids and Abbie and had a nice dinner in Boston at Lolita's Cocina and Tequila Bar where we shared a lot of laughter, stories, and some delicious guacamole. I think this was especially nice to have some quality time with Abbie before the Wedding and just with us girls. Then we met up with some more friends and headed over to Limelight Karaoke and sang our little hearts out! We of course made a night of it, and had a wonderful time!
Bridesmaids and Bride!
At the Bachelorette Dinner!
A week or so later, it was time to head on down to Philly! We packed our little backpacks and carefully placed my bridesmaid's dress and Patrick's Best Man suit in the car and set off! We arrived to be greeted by the happy couple, their parents and more of our good friends. Wedding Summer begins. We celebrate a successful rehearsal by gathering for some delicious Italian food and touching speeches from family at the rehearsal dinner restaurant. And then, the big day arrived!

Bridesmaid dress and Best Man suit!
Looking snazzy, I might say!
It was a beautiful ceremony, personalized to suit Devin and Abbie perfectly. It was presided over by Abbie's friend, boss and priest from an Episcopal church in Boston. He traveled down to preside over the wedding and both Patrick and I really enjoyed and appreciated and felt connected to what he was saying. (It is something that we will be looking into). It was religious, and also specific to Devin and Abbie, and was meaningful for all. I cannot wait to explore this more for our own wedding!

Not only were we honored enough to be a part of the bridal party, but Patrick composed a piece of music that we, and our friends sang just before they exchanged their vows! It is a letter from Abigail Adams to her husband John set by Patrick to his utterly romantic and compelling music.

I am unable to truly define the beauty of our friends' wedding on June 4th and we are more than happy for them. It was wonderful to eat with our closest friends and dance the night away, but more importantly, it was so powerful to witness our two friends truly come together in the commitment and ceremony of marriage. It was a wonderful time and Patrick and I were so honored to be a part of their special day!

(We love you guys!!!)