Lessons in Stress, from Ryan Gosling

You've probably seen the tumblr accounts showing up with the "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling pictures. These are all quite funny, and I have had outbursts of laughter due to them, but when BM Abbie sent me this account, I laughed and also couldn't help but to realize that there is something to be taken into consideration with these pictures and sayings.
I won't lie, there has been a lot of stress in planning our wedding. The guest list, hotel rooms, details, details, and more details, but every now and then a funny reminder like this is very helpful. It makes me refocus on the absolute joy that I am feeling. We're getting married. Whatever happens, it will be wonderful.

And now, a word (or a few) from Practical Ryan Gosling:

All pictures are from Tumblr account: http://practicalryangosling.tumblr.com/




  1. This is honestly fabulous. Thank you so much for compiling this AND sharing the website.

    1. Of course! I love this! And I think it's something we all need to see :D