Save the Dates, Part Three! ...The Epic Conclusion.

After months of working on the design, ordering samples, testing out stamps and ink pads, and gathering addresses, tonight was the night. Our Save-the-Dates have finally been sent out into the world to find our guests! From Patrick's design, to the print out, to some stamp tests and swirly designs, to assembling all the cards together, it's been such a fun process!!!

Return address=Stamped!

Testing out stamp pressure for maximum clarity in design.
Yup. I'm a nerd.
Almost ready!
Swirly design on back.
The reason for the swirls on the back is none other than this; I felt it looked plain just having the blank white envelope. Being too impatient to wait for custom stickers to arrive by mail like I mentioned before, I decided to get artsy and draw pretty things. And that happened.

Here are the pretty stamps we got. 
Assembling Micah and Patrick's Save-the-Dates!
Sealed with love!
Our custom return address stamp!
After hand addressing each envelope, double, triple and quadruple checking each address and name spelling (it was actually necessary since I found a mistake on the quadruple check on one!!!), they were finally completed.

Glorious Save-the-Date tower.
"Wedding Rose" postage stamp.
Looking good.
(Pay no attention to the pink cupcake notebook.
Um. That's not mine...?)
Patrick and I walked to the nearest post box and let them fly. It occurred to me as we were walking home: this is the first real insight to our wedding that our guests will receive. The first little glimpse. And it's that much more real!
Happily sending them off!

Project Save-the-Date may now be done, but here we go --- it's becoming more real! Did you do Save-the-Dates? Did it turn out to be a giant project, and how relieved were you when it was done?



P.S. Guests of the M & P wedding -- get ready!

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