Eve Photography!

I have talked about photography and even showed you pictures from an engagement session Patrick and I got to take part in, but I have never gotten to talk about our actual photographer:

Evgenia of Eve Photography!

She is fantastic, talented and an incredibly kind person. We met her at two of our best friends' wedding (she was their photographer)! Looking at their photos, Patrick and I were more than impressed. So, we got in contact and set up a meeting. Guys, I knew right from the first five minutes of the meeting that she was the perfect photographer for us. Patrick agreed and we couldn't sign our contract fast enough!

Evgenia, like I said, is extremely talented. And she is incredibly dedicated to her work. She seems to genuinely be passionate about her photography, which is but one of many reasons we are having her at the wedding. Andrew and Erica's wedding was gorgeous, and she was able to capture that artistically while focusing on the essence of who they are as a couple. That is something that is very important to us. 

We can't wait to work with her (engagement session in the spring when it's warmer outside!). She's constantly working on her portfolio and studying to better herself as an artist (which is something Patrick and I can definitely relate to). We already feel as if she is a good friend of ours, and know she will be able to work well photographing our friends and family on the big day. Best of all, she is so excited specifically about being at our wedding! She completely devotes herself to her clients and it is evident that she cares about capturing them in their best light. She also has an impressive high fashion shoot portfolio. We are so excited (if you couldn't tell) to have her officially at our big day! If you are looking for new professional headshots (actors, singers, dancers, etc), a maternity shoot, or of course, a wedding photographer, check Evgenia out: http://www.evephotography.com/.

All the best,


P.S. Now to find an engagement dress! :D

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