Guys, I know! I sincerely apologize for overloading posts with me mooning over cupcakes, but I have an excuse this time. Sort of. We have our caterer! As I may have mentioned before, and pretty soon, we'll be sitting down with them to talk about food. And in doing so, I will start freaking out about calmly bring up the topic of having cupcakes instead of regular cake at the wedding. So today's google search brings us:
Cupcake-spiration! (Go ahead, try not to make/order cupcakes after reading this!)

Ahh! Recognize this?
I LOVE the Bride & Groom Cupcakes at the top!
Everytime I'm in Michael's I have to restrain myself
from buying these cute cupcake wraps!
Kind of in the same family as the cupcake stands
I crafted of late. Yes?
Oooh! Maybe I could do something like this,
but with our beloved *s!

And while we're at it -- Let's look at wedding cakes! (After all, Patrick and I would like to have a top tier to cut!)
Looks similar to our ring pillow!

Oh! Swoon/Drool (I know - lovely image). Food -- especially dessert! -- has a very special place in my heart. And I have been thinking about cupcakes and sweet things since March when the dreaded obsession began! I am very excited tp begin talks about food with our caterer, and to let her in on my cupcake passion!



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