My Other Ring...

I want to talk about for a moment, my other ring. This ring was given to me by Patrick a mere three months after we began dating. At that point, I was determined to study a semester abroad in England, Patrick jokingly refered to it as a 'warning ring' to let everyone know that I was taken. It was so sweet, we were out walking and he took my hand and closed my fingers around it. It was a beautiful gift, and it made me feel very special and cared for.

Isn't she pretty?
It is a simple silver setting with blue topaz. I wore it every day since I got it (before the engagement ring of course!) on the right hand. So much so that the setting is warped flat, because of the delicate silver of the setting.
Peanut posing with my right-hand ring!
When Patrick proposed and presented me with the beautiful ring that is my e-ring, I began to wear less and less of my pretty right-hand ring. Maybe it's because of the warped setting, I'm not sure. But now, I want to do something with the topaz, because it is a gorgeous little stone and...it's BLUE!
Right-hand ring, meet Left-hand E-ring!

What should I do? Have it re-set? Make it into a necklace? It's a meaningful piece of jewelry, so I'd definitely like to re-purpose it.

Does anyone else have any right-hand rings?



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