Impressive Clergyman from The Princess Bride
I know I haven't talked very much about our ceremony to date, but that is because we were looking for an officiant...but now I can say proudly that we have found one!

Patrick and I thought for a long time about how we wanted to create our ceremony. We really wanted to find something that was unique to us and our relationship. Something that we'd remember, something really special. We love the idea of writing our own vows, but we also like the traditional vows. There are so many things to think about! Hand ceremony?  Which readings? What music (besides what I told you!)? 

Although we are not particularly religious, we were incredibly moved by our best friends' ceremony this summer. It was celebrated by my now Boss, actually: Reverend Jep. It was a beautiful ceremony created to reflect their love and commitment to each other. And it was sacred. Patrick and I knew that we wanted something similar, and yet uniquely ours. We asked Canon Pastor Steve from the church that I work at to help us create such a ceremony! Guys, he accepted today! I have been walking around with a giant smile all day. Because now we officially have an officiant (ha!).  It just makes the wedding, and more importantly the marriage more real and now we can begin to plan our ceremony --- the most important part!

Rev. Steve asked us, because it will be an Episcopalian ceremony, to take premarital counselling classes with him which Patrick and I are looking forward to. We can wait to talk with Steve about how we'd like to make our vows to each other and begin our lives together. 

So excited. So. Excited. We're getting married!



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