The Finishing Touch!

Patrick, I love you, but this is one of those posts you
may not read. Get out! Go read FailBlog or something!

OK, so guys... I think I finished my complete Bridal look for the wedding! I know, I already talked about most of my accessories. But I failed to fill you in on something I had been making trial after trial: My hair flower is complete! How did I decide which flower to make (I used several techniques for the trial flowers including a new one I haven't posted about yet --- but hang in there, that flower is used in other ways!)? Simple. I sat down with some wine and a movie and began to seriously, nervously without any fear of error work on what would become my hair flower. 

It ended up being the second tutorial that I filled you in on -- with the silk flower and using lace from my mother's and grandmother's wedding gowns! I also ordered albino peacock feathers to add to the drama and elegance of the piece (IMHO). Without gilding the lily and with no more a do, here it is!

Before the feathers were added --- when I was still unsure
if this would end up being the flower.
With the peacock feathers! Now I'm definitely sure
this is the one!
I used the same tutorial I shared here, but also glued crystals and pearls to a jewelry center and sewed that to the center of the flower. I made sure to anchor the flower petals to the felt base I made for the alligator clip so that it would be nice and sturdy. To add the wedding lace from the pieces my family gave me, I cut small circles and layered them in with the petals as I sewed/hot glued everything together. The peacock feathers I added as I hot glued the alligator clip in place. Simple! And look at the results!

I am so excited about how it turned out. And it will be very special that I made it, and that it is made from pieces from my mother's and grandmother's wedding days. That is the most special to me. I will carry that little piece of my family with me through the whole day. It really warms my heart. I can't wait to begin going to hair trials and to see how it looks! (Bringing it to my first fitting on Saturday!)

What are you wearing in your hair for the big day? Are you going veil, or veil with flower, or just flower, or none of the above? Let me know!!!



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