The Bended-Knee Proposal

I was looking yesterday at the pictures from the night that Patrick and I got engaged, and it really made me wonder, why the tradition of proposing on bended knee? Not that I'd have it any other way, don't get me wrong! --- I'm just curious as to how the tradition was started. So, I did me a little research on the interwebz, and...nothing.

On Wikipedia, it talks about the traditions of proposing on the whole, it barely mentions the knee thing. All the other sites I checked simply stated: there is no historical origin we know of the bended-knee proposal. Many sites say that it could have spawned from the tradition of knights kneeling to accept honors from their Royals. Some say that it is a sign of respect and spirituality delving from kneeling in prayer. It also "elevates the engagement ring between" the couple. For whatever reason, it stuck, and it marks the proposals of many couples each year.

There is something so romantic to me about this tradition. I guess, growing up, you see it in all the romantic movies and books, and it's something that tells you that this is real, it's happening to me. For me, I took it as a sign of ultimate respect and love from Patrick. It really showed me how much he honors me and our relationship.I think that it is a beautiful gesture. Of course I flung myself down to my knees with him after I said yes. I'm glad I did. I think now, looking back on it, I feel like joining him on bent knees was my way of reciprocating that respect and honor. Then again, it could have been the sheer joy I felt. (It was probably that).

I am in no way saying that if a man/woman proposes to their significant other without taking a knee that they don't love and respect their partner, nor am I saying that it devalues the proposal. I'm just speaking from our proposal and how it affected me.

Since the youtube, twitter and Facebook crazes, proposals have become more and more elaborate. More power to them, too! To each their own. It's such a reflection on the couples' style, and the bended or non-bended knee proposals are unique, special, and beautiful in their own ways.

How did your SO propose? Were they kneeling? How did it make you feel?



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  1. My husband got down on one knee and it was that that made me so excited.