Saying our "Thank You(s)!"

This is ridiculously a little early, about 143(!) days, but I wanted to share with you a quick craftie I may be employing to help us say "Thank You"s to our guests. You may have seen the adorable pictures of "Thank You" parasols on wedding blogs and websites. Like this:

Image via Exquisite Affair Productions 

Image via Wedding By Color
"Thank You" parasols are a sweet, classic way to thank our guests for being there for our day. I originally made it for best friend/bridesmaid Abbie's wedding ---which came out so adorably! Abbie was working so hard on other things for the wedding, so I offered to take on this little craft to help her out. It came out pretty nicely and was such a snap! 

First I printed out the letters (like 150 sized font) and then I traced them onto the blank white parasol we got.

Next, I simply filled in the letters! It probably took all of twenty minutes, and came out beautiful.

After the wedding, she graciously lent it to me to use after our wedding! It's definitely something that we'd like to use! 

How are you making your "Thank You" cards for your guests?



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