I Love Paper Flowers!

You all know that I love reading Wedding Bee blogs and boards. I love the supportive community and the creativity that the bloggers and members bring! It's such a great place for brides to come together to support and encourage one another and to get advice. And I have been finding some beautiful inspiration and wonderful craft projects that I really want to incorporate into our wedding.

So this week has been paper flower week for me! I have been folding, cutting and gluing flowers together! Both flower mock-ups I made were from wedding bee bloggers, the first is an inspiration from Miss Cinnamon Bun. I had so much fun trying this tutorial! I'm thinking of using these as some kind of favors, or maybe in the centerpieces...hmm...possibilities! (Anyway, onto the photos!)

 The tutorial is great! And shows pictures step by step. This is my first try, can you tell? Well...it was my first try!

Now THAT'S more like it!

Getting better! Yay!
Now, for my next number! I saw this on Mrs. Button's adorable gift wrapping tutorial: Wax paper peonies!
A little blurry, and it looks like a loofah...
Again, first try..
This flower is super easy to make and is so pretty (once I got the hang of it!) Anyway, here's all of them together! So much fun to make! Don't you love crafting?



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