Asking the Girls...Or...My First DIY!

My first DO-IT-YOURSELF project was super simple, but I really wanted it to come from the heart. I knew from the beginning who my bridesmaids would be and I knew that I wanted to ask them in a special way, so that they would know how much they mean to me. 

Now, of course, since I have been trolling the Weddingbee since before I was even engaged, (did I say that out loud?), I have been wanting to do a lot of DIY projects for our wedding. I am most certainly a budget bride, and I aspire to also be a crafty bride. Anywho, on with it. I decided to write letters to my girls to ask them if they would participate in our wedding. But not just any letters...crafty-homemade-artsy letters. 

It was a simple project that involved me finding beautiful blue stationary and designing a card for each girl. I have six bridesmaids. Basically, I found this beautiful poem from one of the Bees on Weddingbee! It made me tear up so I had to include it. 

I got to work drawing and cutting out six blue hearts as mock seals for the envelopes.

Then, I wrote them each a special note on the bottom half of the card, and attached the poem to the top half of the folded card. I finished by decorating around their names on the envelopes.

A very simple project, but all the girls loved them and my sister, who is my Maid of Honor, called me with happy tears the moment she got hers! I am happy I was able to ask them in a way that makes them feel as special as they are to me. And wouldn't you know? Patrick wrote letters to the boys as well!

Until next time!


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