Stress and Wedding Dreams

I have been quite a busy little bee for the past couple of months; I was a lead in a musical, went away to Florida for a week, and began work on a new play (goes up in April, will speak more of it soon over in WWW*), and have been auditioning like a madwoman and working full time as well as searching for a permanent job! Top that with a very (and thankfully so) active social life and visits to families and whew! I'm...le tired!

Lately, and by lately, I mean since about two weeks after we were engaged ::sheepish grin:: I have had wedding nightmares. Well, you know what, nightmare is not the right word --- because I don't take them seriously and I think they are funny and absolutely silly. They come from a place of slight stress from me who is a little overwhelmed right now with all of the things I am currently juggling. The dreams themselves are funny because they are so ridiculous! In one of them, my dress was assembled incorrectly and looked like a melting buttercream cake!

Yep, kind of like that..

Please, don't get me wrong, I am a very happy person right now and in a great place with my life, my friends, family, my acting and most importantly, with my fiancĂ©e. I really am laughing dreams like this off. I think I just need to take some more time than I have been allowing myself to relax. I cannot wait for our wedding, and I am having so much fun thinking about it!

...Of course, I was trolling the wondrous boards of WeddingBee and I found a link to some very helpful tips on how to relax. I am going to make a priority of focusing on that, and all of the things that I am lucky to have and all the positive energy I can.

Until next time (when I share about my DIY paper flowers)!


*My other blog, Words, Words, Words.


  1. I've had the same problem with wedding nightmares! Usually they're absolutely silly - like realizing on our wedding day that I forgot to book a photographer, or dancing at my wedding reception and realizing I was actually missing the ceremony. Manifesting stress is right! Good luck calming down and best of luck with your new show!