My E-Ring!

So, you've got the love story. Now...for the shiny part...

My Engagement Ring! He did a good job!

Nestled amongst...blue roses!

A Princess-cut Leo Diamond in a white gold, art deco setting. LOVE!
I am so happy with it. I think that he really gave me a one of a kind ring that speaks of who I really am. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful symbol of our love.



The Proposal

Or...The best night of my life. January 29, 2011.

We left our apartment on January 28th to go down to Madison, CT, where Patrick’s family lives. We were headed there to celebrate Patrick’s mother’s birthday and to see his family. We arrived that evening accompanied by a light flurry of snow. After a wonderful cup of hot chocolate and some happy conversation, we drifted up to bed. We woke up the next day to a bright, beautiful morning. We passed the afternoon, and had a wonderful, relaxed brunch prepared by Patrick and his father. Afterwards, Patrick’s mother asked me to join her in getting her nails done. I thought it would be a really nice way for her to relax on her birthday, and love getting my nails done so of course, I agreed! It was a nice, relaxing visit to the salon. With fresh manicures and a wonderful massage, we headed back. Patrick had made a reservation for us for 6:30, so I was just able to slip on my dress and brush my hair and head out. We were going to our favorite spot; Narragansett beach, RI. We got out at the Coast Guard House, a lovely restaurant, right on the beach. Over a delicious diner, Patrick and I shared memories of our beginnings, and a decadent bottle of cabernet sauvignon. We both shed a few happy tears, and felt immensely grateful to have found each other in such a beautiful place. Narragansett beach is where our relationship bloomed; it is a very special place to us. We would go there to talk for hours walking along the beach. It has always been *our* spot. We had planned on a stroll on the beach, no matter what the weather, so I slipped out of my heels and into some boots. All bundled up, we took each other’s arm and set off. Climbing down the stone wall, Patrick helped me down onto the sand. We walked hand in hand, gazing at the stars and listening to the rolling waves. When Patrick suggested we head back to the car, I was a little saddened; I just didn’t want the night to be over. He then pointed off along the shore to what looked like a plastic bag on the beach. He asked me what I thought it was. “It looks like garbage or something” I said. We went over to see what it was, and I knelt to pick it up…and it was a bouquet of beautiful blue roses! I turned and Patrick was down on his knee. He said: “Micah, you are my beginning and my end, my sunrise and my sunset, and you are music. Will you marry me?” He held up an ivory box with my beautiful ring sparkling inside! “YES!” I shouted through tears, my heart racing. I flung myself into his arms and we laughed and cried together. More surprises! Patrick’s best friends Devin, Andrew and Doug had been hiding out there waiting. They had placed the flowers and Devin was able to capture the moment on film! They told me the girls were waiting for us, and we were not going home that night! We were staying at the Tower House; a beautiful Bed & Breakfast nearby. When we got there, the girls were waiting with champagne and yummy treats! It was the best night of my life. Patrick and I were surrounded by our friends to share our first night as a betrothed couple! I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic night. It is a night that I will treasure always. And now, I get to marry my best friend in the whole world!



P.S. That place in the background...is where we're getting married!!!!!


Blue Roses: We meet!

You must be thinking..."Silly girl, roses are red, or white, or yellow, or pink even, I don't know. But it is a scientific FACT that they are definitely not blue." And I am going to have to agree with you...to a point. They can be blue, artificially. And a little wikibird tells me that they have recently created genetically engineered blue roses! What's the POINT? The point is...blue roses, whether they be genetic monsters or simply dyed white roses, are my favorite flowers! This is where Patrick (heroically) steps in.

Over two and a half years ago, I was called one night by a director looking to cast me in a summer musical. Realistically, I should not have said yes. I was scheduled for a semester abroad in England the following school year and I needed all the work hours I could get that summer. I whined a little, but something in my gut told me that I needed to participate in this show, and as an aspiring actress, I should always take work. So I said, "Sure, I'm in."

Patrick on the other hand, (way on the other hand), had just spent some time with one of his friends and his family in NEPAL! (No big deal!) He had just come home, literally two days before and was severely jet lagged and kind of sick. The same director, who happened to be a professor at Patrick's Alma Mater, Trinity College in Hartford, CT, gave him a call roping him into this same project. (Which was being done in RI, and did I mention Patrick was at the time living with his parents in CT over an hour away?).

Needless to say, both of us had absolutely no reason to accept roles in this random show (Birds of Paradise) that summer. Neither of us knew the show, or how it was going to play but for some strange reason, we agreed. He was playing Andy the mechanic and volunteer fireman, unhappy and bored with his life, while I played Julia, the starstruck, lovesick waitress/actress who fell in love with her best friend's estranged father (ew). Want to know something else? Our characters never spoke to one another. Not once. But for us, we were simply drawn to each other.

Patrick started up conversation by asking me about my theatre program at school, and from there, it became a ridiculous game of tag with both of us trying different tactics to get the other to stay late and chat, or message each other on Facebook. Our first date was to Applebees, where the waitress had to come back to us four times before taking our order (we hadn't looked at the menus because we were talking). And from there, we kept falling.

On July 4th, in 2008, it was raining. Patrick had made up his mind, and he asked me to be his girlfriend by giving me a beautiful bright blue rose, along with a framed piece of music I loved that he wrote. He took a joker card (I'm obsessed with Batman) and taped a single question: Will you be my girlfriend? As the rain fell, I said yes.

So now you know. Our humble beginnings and the legend of the blue rose!





Hello there!
My name is Micah, I am twenty two years old, I am an actress living in Boston, MA. Some of you may read my primary blog, (a haven for theatre geeks, Shakespeare fiends, and an all around blog for me to blab about acting and...life) where I have just posted some big news: I just got engaged to my best friend!
I'm sure you couldn't tell, but this blog is for me to put all my ideas, musings and dreams for our wedding! (EEE!)

Okay, okay...I'll calm down a little and introduce us to you.

I am trying to be a professional actress, or someone who makes pretend for a living...yay! So, after graduating, I moved up here to begin my career. I've actually been doing pretty well, I have been in a couple of shows, including an amazing chance to be in one of my favorite musicals!!! I went to school in my homestate of Rhode Island which is actually where I met my fiancee...

Patrick is a composer of art music, and actually, he's beginning to really establish himself here in Boston as he is getting a lot of commissions and working with some pretty amazing people lately. He is also one of the best singers I have ever heard in my life (and I'm a singer...and a theatre person...so yeah)!

We met in 2008 in a show that both of us didn't want to do (Patrick enjoys theatre, so he acts as often as he can --- but more on that later). And ever since then, we've been inseparable.

Well that was the brief-est of hellos I could allow myself, I'll be sure to give deets about our beginnings and of course, the proposal! (To be continued...)

It's nice to meet you! Let's be friends!