Hello there!
My name is Micah, I am twenty two years old, I am an actress living in Boston, MA. Some of you may read my primary blog, (a haven for theatre geeks, Shakespeare fiends, and an all around blog for me to blab about acting and...life) where I have just posted some big news: I just got engaged to my best friend!
I'm sure you couldn't tell, but this blog is for me to put all my ideas, musings and dreams for our wedding! (EEE!)

Okay, okay...I'll calm down a little and introduce us to you.

I am trying to be a professional actress, or someone who makes pretend for a living...yay! So, after graduating, I moved up here to begin my career. I've actually been doing pretty well, I have been in a couple of shows, including an amazing chance to be in one of my favorite musicals!!! I went to school in my homestate of Rhode Island which is actually where I met my fiancee...

Patrick is a composer of art music, and actually, he's beginning to really establish himself here in Boston as he is getting a lot of commissions and working with some pretty amazing people lately. He is also one of the best singers I have ever heard in my life (and I'm a singer...and a theatre person...so yeah)!

We met in 2008 in a show that both of us didn't want to do (Patrick enjoys theatre, so he acts as often as he can --- but more on that later). And ever since then, we've been inseparable.

Well that was the brief-est of hellos I could allow myself, I'll be sure to give deets about our beginnings and of course, the proposal! (To be continued...)

It's nice to meet you! Let's be friends!


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