The Finding of the Wedding Dress

The deed is done. 

I bought My Wedding Dress today!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!

I'm totally stealing borrowing the adorable Fiance-Warning icon from the Bees at Weddingbee to bring you this post (and other posts I want to share but DON'T want my man to read for the sake of surprise on our day! (We're not even doing a "First Look" so I need to be super careful about what I post where)). So you may see the icon of our cute kitty again. (Oh, I also will not post an actual picture of me in the dress or the dress on this post, just to be safe...I know, I'm being ridiculous, but he READS this blog, guys!!!)

For some reason, maybe its the fact that we are currently 286 days---but who's counting?---out that I decided two weeks ago that I had enough of shopping, browsing and lusting over dresses and it is high time I got me mine. I had been looking at dresses ever since we got engaged in January, had tried on my mother's GORGEOUS gown and had gone out twice to David's Bridal (hereafter referred to as DB) to actually try things on. After trying on a whopping nine, yup 9, dresses, I knew I found the one. Here's what happened...

Patrick, FOR SERIOUS, do NOT read this!!!

I went with my mother, and my sister and MOH (Maid of Honor) to DB in March; bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to see what style I liked. I didn't know that I would find my dress that day. I had thought I would want a classic A-line gown, I'm not into pick-ups or giant ball room skirts or anything like that. After slipping into a few gorgeous numbers, I found that my original idea of what I wanted for myself was not doing much for me. I thought, "OK...here's your first experience, and it's totally fine that you still have no idea what you want." But then, sudden twist of FATE! My mom spied something lovely that another bride had tried on that was hanging on a rack. She quickly asked our consultant to grab it and put it in my dressing room. I tried it on and....I was still indecisive about it. Mom loved it, my sister loved it, I also loved it, but I questioned, is this really the one???? I left that day without a firm decision, but I was OK with that.

In the months between that visit and my second return to DB, I found myself dreaming about our big day, with me in that one dress. The one my mom picked out, which means so much to me. The one that all the people in the store, consultants, families and other brides around me said I "came alive " in. I accepted that this was probably a good sign that I had either found my dress, or narrowed my search down to it's style. But there was only one way to find out...one way I could know for sure... 

Because of my summer theater program I attended this summer, there were a few weeks between the end of my contract day job and the first days of classes when I had nothing to do in the day time. This. Killed. Me. I got so bored staying at home, and since a few months had passed I thought it would be smart to head back to DB and revisit the dress I couldn't stop thinking about. (Jeez--the way I'm writing, this sounds like an epic love story). I grabbed one of my best friends, and bridesmaid Erica, and we headed over one dark, stormy May day. Erica is wonderful, gracious and beyond supportive, and made this appointment in the wedding dress search fest both a joy and an emotional experience. I tried on The Dress, as well as my close second (totally different from The Dress, but I digress), and a few of the gorgeous Vera Wang pieces (just for funzies). BUT when I put on The Dress, Erica and my consultant confirmed what I knew all along. This is it. This is the dress I'd marry Patrick in. 

Now, I did not cry, mind you. And I thought this was weird, because normally I am an emotional hurricane when it comes to love and romance, and now especially weddings (I cry when I listen to Glee's version of "Marry You" by Bruno Mars).

But before I let my Bride Brain take over ("Why did I not cry?" "Aren't I supposed to cry?" "Does this mean I won't have a "bridal moment", or do I not care enough?") I realized, I am having my own "bridal moment." Every time I stepped into that dress, I became giddy and smiley. I blushed. I got emotional and lovey. I did NOT want to take it off, and I knew Patrick would love it. All my friends liked it, and my mother picked it out, which made it extra special for me. There was no question in my mind. That day I decided that it was MY DRESS! Why did I not buy it then and there you ask? Well, there were a few reasons, the main one being that I didn't yet have a permanent job in place, nor would I for at least three months, the others being I had over a year to wait to wear it, and I also wanted to make doubly sure that it was The Dress. 

Fast forward to now. I just accepted an offer for a permanent job! (Working with one of my best friends and bridesmaid Abbie! EEE!) Now, I could go get the dress! I had never stopped thinking about it when thinking about our day, had never stopped picturing myself in it, picturing the memories I'd be making in it, and hoping for that look in P's eyes when I came down the aisle. Last week, I decided; I'm doing this now.

I scheduled this Sunday, today, for me, my mom, my sister and my future-mother-in-law to go to DB (lucky visit #3) knowing full well that I would be purchasing the dress, and hopefully narrowing down some bmaid dresses. I am proud to say that we did both. (Bridesmaid dresses deserve a post of their own, so hang tight!) After my sister, who looks AH.MAY.ZING in any and all dresses decided on three that we liked, she had to jet. I gleefully hopped into my newly acquired wedding shoes and into my dress. My dreams were confirmed, and I was standing in my wedding dress. My FMIL teared, as well as my mother, and I got super giddy and pranced around for as long as they let me. I picked out a matching veil and a crinoline, and headed straight for the cash register. Here is the link to My Dress (not for you, P, stay away!!!) and I apologize for not posting actual pictures, I am so LAME! 


I am so lucky!!!! It was a beautiful day hanging with my mom and future-mother-in-law and sister. I felt special, and so full of love. Not only because I purchased my dream dress, but because I was surrounded by love and support. As you can tell, I am excited and happy! You know how you just know some things are meant to be? Well, I just knew that this was The Dress that brought out my beauty and myself. And I want to be myself when I marry Patrick. I want to look like me at my very best, and I am absolutely certain I have found the right dress! I feel beautiful, confident, bridal and romantic and yes, blessed when I wear the gown. I can't wait til it comes in (15 weeks, UGH) and I can put it on again! And beyond that, I can't wait to take a deep breath on July 14th, 2012 and step into it for real to meet Patrick to be wed. 

EEEEEEEE!!!! What about you ladies? Did anyone else not cry?



P.S. Sorry this is such a long post, but it's about THE DRESS! It HASSSS to beeee!!!
P.S.S. Also, not only did we get my dress and narrow bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids and flowergirl dresses today, we decided on a caterer, whom I hope to call and book TOMORROW!

Wedding SUCCESS day! :)

ETA: Here's a link to my weddingbee post where I have a picture of me in the dress! http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/i-have-been-so-excited-to-post-this-found-my-dress?replies=1#post-2761031 (P, you should not go to there!)


  1. Beautiful!! I tried that dress on and loved it. I bought a different one, though -- but similar!

    Congrats on your purchase!

    PS: I sobbed like a baby when I found mine!

  2. Thanks Katie! Congrats on your dress too!!! :)

  3. aww you told this story sooo nice... congrats on your wedding dress!!

  4. That's a beautiful dress! I love it! congrats on finding it!
    I'm a new follower!

  5. Thank you, Miss Tattoo! Thanks for following as well! I'm a new follower of yours! :)

  6. Awww, congrats! I bet you look beautiful! Are you going to post pictures before the wedding or make us wait??

  7. I might have to make you guys wait. Just because Patrick reads the blog and I am worried he may even accidentally see it. But, if I can figure out a way to be sure he doesn't see it --- I will post pics and let you know! :)

  8. Ooh I love it, that's beautiful. How about pics on WB?
    Sorry not been around for a while, I've not been able to post on other blogs for ages.

  9. Finding a wedding dress is not easy and I personally think that all the wedding decisions are tough. I have just booked one of domestic NYC wedding venues for my big day and it was also a difficult task. Now I will try to find lovely fairy themed dress online.