I Can't Keep Away...

...From talking about cupcakes. It's become kind of a central theme in my life lately. (I may or may not have more than two pictures of cupcakes I have sampled in my phone). A little Bride Brain-y, maybe. A little crazy, I know.

But I have been so excited about having cupcakes at the reception, I have been thinking of different flavors, different ways to display them, etc. And over the past few months, I have decided a few things (I'm so lucky that P is supportive of this crazy idea):

1. I'm going to try for four different flavors. (What they are, I do not know yet).
2. The display will continue our vintage/lacy feel with a teacup theme.
3. I will be making the central cupcake tower

I got inspiration to make it teacup themed when I saw a BEAUTIFUL cupcake tower at anthropologie that I intend to use as the inspiration to DIY my own. Here it is, in all it's glory:

From www.anthropologie.com
 Again, from anthro, I found and purchased these in L, O, V, E of the letters. I plan on purchasing some white plates, but I did a mock up with some plates that I have here at home. What do you think?

I think I need bigger plates, but I am pretty excited about this project. To continue with the teacup theme, I have found and purchased these from Paper Source!

I LOVE them! And I am so excited, I can have the four flavors each stuck into one of the teacups, and make a cute little sign to go next to them to say which cupcake is which! Yay! Crafting! 

Needed a E-ring pic with the cupcakes!
I can't wait to see where this cupcake dessert table ends up! I'll post a final pic once I find my plates and complete the tower. (I'll probably make cupcakes with the excuse of making up a mock up of what the dessert table may look like. (No, I'm not obsessive...I just, OK fine, I am obsessive about this! It's fine! ).



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