Saucy Wedding Accessories

A few posts ago, I mentioned I found a saucy little addition to my Bridal accessories? Well, guess what arrived in the mail today! Oh, scram Patrick! 

I received a small package, and when I opened it I found a sweet little parcel with two cute notecards. 

The notecard about the garters reads: 
The Old, New, Borrowed, Blue Garter by Rosebud Lips

The antique brooch is old
The silk is new
The lace is borrowed from a dress
The silk is blue
I hope you treasure this for years to come, and even pass it on to your next generations

How sweet? The second card details that the Etsy Shop I made the purchase from Rosebud Lips has a partnership with "Mercy Ministries of America," helping women who have been trapped in oppression. Each purchase is in part a donation to this organization, bringing hope to those women seeking freedom from life-controlling problems such as addiction, depression and eating disorders.

I LOVE the garters! Each is handmade, and I can't wait to slip them under my dress! Enough with that, here are the pictures:

Seriously, don't look babe!

Is he gone?


Here they are!

I love, love, LOVE them! The people at Rosebud Lips were wonderful! So prompt to respond to questions, and so customer oriented. I would say that the shipping took longer than expected, but my inquiries on that were answered almost immediately. And ultimately, the parcel arrived when she said it would. (I've got, like, nine months, everything's cool). But it was such a lovely thing to come home to! 

How about you? Any saucy wedding day attire coming your way soon?



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