My Special Order Has Arrived...????

Yes. You read me right! The Dress. It has arrived to the bridal salon. Fifteen weeks EARLY! I got an email last week saying that "My Special Order Has Arrived" from David's Bridal, and I was thinking, NO. WAY. I ordered my dress on the second of this month, and it arrived barely two weeks later! I was fully expecting to wait the three months, but this is an exciting surprise!

I'm heading home this Saturday to pick it up and try it on bringing my new something (next post) to try with it! (I might "jack" myself up with my earrings, shoes, and a trial hair flower I made (also another post) to see the whole picture). I also got my petticoat in! EEEE!

Scheduling fittings with alterations is the next step. Which makes me a little nervous since I am absolutely the girl who buys off-the-rack and pretends not to notice if the garments don't fit me right.

Or can't afford a tailor...
I am beyond excited and ever since I purchased my dress, I have been gleefully planning my bridal look and it's all becoming more and more real every day! I can't wait to try on my actual dress!

Any advice for alterations appointments from ladies who have gone through the fitting process?

Thank you!



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  1. Yay! I found the alterations bit easy I was just paranoid of either losing or putting on weight.