Our Venue

Are there any brides out there who had one thing, just one thing that absolutely-no-questions-no-doubts knew from the VERY beginning about their wedding that they would want need to have?
Well, I did. And it's not (surprisingly) a ridiculously expensive dress or food cooked by my favorite chef from the food network (although having both of those things would be awesome any any bride who can and wants to, should), it was actually a particular venue.

Don't get me wrong, we were certainly open to and actually searched for and looked at a lot of different venues, but none of them felt right or had that certain magic. We tried but all roads led to the seashore (I'll explain later). Honestly, from the beginning I always knew and so did Patrick.

We decided (and just booked) the place where we *found* each other and the place where we first said "I love you" and the place where he proposed! (I may or may not have mentioned this already). The Towers at Narragansett!

It is a GORGEOUS place, and has a very special room in our hearts. We can think of no other place where it would be right for us to join our lives. And I feel so lucky and so happy that we're actually getting married there!




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  1. I think it is SO cool that you're having your wedding at a place with so much history in your relationship! It looks like a gorgeous venue too. Congrats!