We finally did it! Two weekends ago, P and I had a wonderful time finally registering ourselves for our wedding gifts! We hadn't been able to go, and kept having to reschedule so two Fridays ago we turned to each other and said "Let's go. Tomorrow." And we did!

Guys, registering for wedding gifts is a little too much fun. We made sure to only ask for things we knew we needed/wanted and that we would actually use. P got to use the laser-gun-thingy (and I am glad, I probably would have broken it or something). Oh! Where did we go you ask? The Crate & Barrel of course! It's got beautifully designed and top-notch products that are actually affordable. We found most of the things we'd like, but there are still others (we plan on registering at a few places to give different price ranges/options for the guests).

I'll admit, there were a few times when the thrill of registering faded, and it got kind of tedious, but then we would head to a different section, like furnishings or bed/bathroom and our energy got refreshed. My advice, make sure you can dedicate at least an hour and a half to each store you plan on registering for. That way, you won't end up just settling and you can really discuss with your fiancee what you want. Remember: you're registering together for things that you will populate/define/employ in your future home together. They are supposed to last, and you must agree together. Sure -- there were definitely a few compromises (Thanks Patrick, for agreeing to the cobalt blue tumblers I love!) but all in all it's a fun and exciting thing to do together before the wedding!
Expert Registry-Man
I'll admit, I have been obsessively checking our registries online and adding/subtracting things. And we still are looking for a few items (we both have specific tastes aesthetically for things, so sometimes it takes longer for us to decide). I will also admit that while I am very excited about receiving things to create a home with Patrick, I do feel the slightest twinge of guilt. I know that we are not forcing anyone to give, but you know that feeling on your birthday that you get as you open presents under the gazes of your gift-givers? It's immense gratitude mixed in with a little guilt. I guess it's something that I have always felt about presents. We are so excited about our wedding and to have all of our guests present for the celebration of the marriage. That being said, if we don't receive anything we registered for, I'm happy. If we do, I'm immensely grateful. We are blessed to be surrounded by loving friends and family. And preparing for this wedding coming up in ::gulp:: four and a half months has really made me focus on that.




  1. I was adding and taking things away and checking what had been bought. The glass tumblers (shaker style I think they call them) were my favourite thing and now the most used item from the list.
    p.s. it's who used to be AlwaysWright

  2. YES! Awesome. I knew there was something too those tumblers!