My Somethings/Accessories for the Bridal Look

My apologies for being a bad blogger of late. I promise, I have so much to post about, and a lot has been going on in the Wide-Wedding-World of Micah and Patrick. Before I go off about anything else, I have to talk about my Somethings! I finally acquired all of them!!!

I spoke briefly before about one something, that I was really excited about. It was the first of many something blues (I can't help it! I love blue!!!). But here are the rest of my somethings, and almost all of my Bridal accessories!

Oh! Patrick, do NOT read any further!
I'm talking about my WEDDING

OK. Here they are!!!

You probably can't see it clearly, but those lovelies are
almost all my accessories!

My shoes with peacock shoe-clips, and my garters!

My Something Blue --- Brooch, and my Something New -- Crystal Earrings

There's the Sixpence (for my shoe!)

Here is my favorite new purchase! My Something Old
---It caught my eye in an antique shop. It compliments my wedding ring
set so well, I couldn't pass up. My Something Old Right-hand ring!
You may have noticed that I neglected to a.) tell you about the white shoes next to my pretty Ninas and b.) picture my Something Borrowed. A.) I will post about the white shoes shortly! B.) My Something Borrowed is actually still living with it's owner and my FMIL! It's a GORGEOUS delicate crystal bracelet. I can't WAIT to show you --- but I must, it's being borrowed, so I can't have it now :)

I showed you all my garters and shoes (although I never posted a photo) before. The shoes I completed by making quick shoe clips with a little help from my friend, Michael's Craft Store peacock feathers. Love them! I hinted at my purchase of these earrings when I found them in a Friday Finds post. They called to me --- begging to be bought and worn with my dress! So, rather impulsively, I bought them. The other earrings I mentioned that Patrick gave me for my birthday will be worn, don't you worry! The brooch I am planning on using to attach a ribbon sash to my dress! (First fitting coming up!) My FMIL gave me the sixpence in my stocking this Christmas! I was so touched, and so excited because that's a part of the Somethings that I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get!

Finally, quick story about the Something Old. I always thought I could borrow a piece of jewelry from my parents or FILs however, there was just one thing I couldn't really reconcile (please don't judge, this is extremely Type A of me): I never wear gold and all the jewelry I wanted to borrow were gold. So, last Saturday I took a trip to an Antique shop, not really expecting to find anything but BAM! --- there it was; this stunning art-deco-esque ring. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, and I had to try it. I had two concerns; one that it would over power my wedding ring set, and two that it wouldn't fit on my freakishly tiny fingers. But both fears were put to rest! It actually compliments my rings and sits well on my middle finger! I can't wait to wear it!

There we have it. Now that I have all the Somethings, all the under-roos (sneaky, I know -- I bought them yesterday and I'm not sure about sharing them over the interwebz so those will remain a secret) it seems that my Bridal-look will be completed when I have the dress altered, and then finally on the wedding day including my hair and makeup (And hair flower --- coming soon!!!!!).

What about you? Are you going for it to complete your bridal look with all the Somethings? Did you worry or have a hard time finding one of the items? Do you ramble as much as I do when you're excited?



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  1. Cute shoe clips! And I really like your garters too.