The Dessert Table

Patrick and I have been completing wedding crafts/tasks left and right, now that our schedule is a little freer. Here are two quick DIY projects I completed recently that I really didn't know if I would have the time or patience to go through with them. And yes, they both concern our future wedding dessert table (yes, this is my life nowadays---I LIKE IT!).

The first one was a sign for the table. Soon, you'll be seeing more post of "wedding signs" I have been creating. If you think about it, there are lots of signs to be made, AND a lot of pretty craft paper to choose from at Michael's. So, I've been getting down to business, and voila! My dessert table sign!

It reads: "Love is Sweet"
 Using a spherical craft punch and Martha Stewart scrap-booking heart stickers, some pretty blue ribbon and card-stock, I created this little sign to decorate our cupcake/cake table! It must have taken me about twenty minutes while watching Say Yes to the Dress on TV. 

Using a font called Precious, I printed out some letters, and then actually free-hand copied them onto each heart. And I'm totally not over proud of it, either. 

That done, it was a matter of hot glue, burnt fingers and delicate placing of the cut-outs onto my ribbon. Done and done. The next one took up a considerable amount of time and effort.

Remember my Cupcake-spiration post? A lot of those pictures had adorable cupcake toppers and I knew if I could muster up some patience, and the right kind of tooth picks, I could make my own. And guess what...it happened! BAM!

I made 200 of those things! It took me three movies and a couple of episodes of Teen Mom 2 (I know, for shame). But they are finally done and I must say, I am pleased. Even though they are super easy to make, they are really tedious, so I can understand/was definitely tempted to just buy them from etsy. But, once I found these craft picks with flat heads, I knew it was a possibility. Here's what I used: 
  • A package of "Woodsies" craft picks (250 count)
  • Circle Craft punch
  • Pretty craft paper
  • Elmers' paper cement
  • Peacock feather/alphabet stamps and blue stamp pad
First, I punched out 400 little circle guys with my craft punch (for the front and the back of each topper).

Then, using different combinations of M <3 P, P + M, peacock feathers, hearts, etc. I stamped one side of every pair of circles.

Then I taped the pick on, and glued one side to the other, let it dry for about 10 minutes and BOOM! There's a cute little cupcake topper!

I can't wait to see what they will look like at the wedding! And I think it will be a sweet little surprise for the guests since there are all different stamps and paper styles. It did take me a long time, but I broke up sessions and did about 30-50 at a time, so I never was bored. This is definitely something you do on a rainy day, but is totally worth it! I love that they will bring a little bit more personality to our dessert table. Are there any wedding or other crafts you took on knowing they'd be tedious but turned out totally worth it?



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  1. Love them, what a great DIY, I'd be so pleased with them. Can't wait to see what they look like on the big day.