So, Summer Weddings, Eh?

Yeah, we're getting married in the summer. And it's July so it will most likely be pretty hot. And although we've got the benefit of a delicious beachy breeze coming in through the windows (hopefully if it's not raining and storming), we will not have air conditioning. I know. Scandalous.

Last year on the day that will be our wedding day this year, the temperature according to Wunderground.com, was lowest 74 degrees and highest 86 degrees. Not bad, but if it's sunny --- it could be intense, especially for a girl in a long white dress. Well, our solution includes hoping for that oceanic breeze and providing fans. Not fans like these, ohhhh no...

Image via Yourdictionary.com
...But elegant, fans like they used in the good old days! After seeing gorgeous inspirational pictures online, and constantly walking by the intricate fans in the Wedding section in Michael's, I finally decided to go for it and grab them! We didn't get enough for every single guest, because not everyone will want to use them, still --- we thought it would be lovely to offer them. My FMIL tied a royal blue ribbon (matching the one on our Cardbox) to each one and we placed them in a basket and ta-dah! 

All done up and basket-ed and ready to go!

What do you think? How's that for a lovely semi-DIY solution to no air conditioning? We also have a sweet treat for guests (but that's a secret until another post!) to keep them cool. Summer brides, if you have no air conditioning in your venue, how do you plan on keeping it cool for your guests? 



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