Ahh! I never talked about our wedding color pallette! It's been over a year! Bad Bride Blogger!

So, my favorite color in the world to wear, to see, to paint with, etc is cobalt blue! (I know---shocker).

Image via Art-Paints.com

After talking about it, we realize that having a peacock color theme (and as you have seen --- peacock inspired theme)!
Image via ashleyandringa.blogspot.com

With gorgeous inspiration pictures like this, it was easy to begin creating our wedding theme! As soon as that was decided, we went from there. Now our wedding is coming together from the cobalt blue bridesmaids' dresses we picked, to our linens, to our flowers, to my something blues! While I know that it's not the most original idea, I've never once re-thought our theme, and I love how it's all coming together! Patrick seems to too! I think it really fits our style and represents our vintage romantic wedding theme very well.

What's your color scheme?



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  1. this is such a beautiful color scheme! I had cream, clover and black for my wedding.