106 Days!

Hello everyone! I am going to apologize again for being a delinquint blogger. I've been quite busy with a new theatre company putting up our first show! (Where have you heard that before? ;-) ).

Unlike before when I would become a delinquint blogger, Patrick and I have actually kicked our wedding butts in gear and accomplished a lot! Realizing that there's only 106 days left, we kind of had to! (Also, now whenever I talk about the wedding date with someone, they'll invariable say "Oh. That's coming up." I'm like "I KNOW! No PRESSURE!!!!")

Here's some of the projects/tasks we've gotten done of late:
  • Booked a DJ
  • Booked a Florist
  • Found a string quartet for the ceremony
  • Almost completed our premarital counciling sessions with our officiant!
  • Decided which tuxes Patrick and the boys will wear
  • I completed one of two pomanders for the flower girls (later post)
  • Ordered proofs of our invites (being shipped now!!!)
  • Booked honeymoon accomodations (another post)!
  • Begun work on our table numbers (I know early, but I am obsessed!)
  • Had my first dress fitting and scheduled another (with a hair trial before it! EEE!)
  • Found a dress for one flower girl (need to find one more, and a junior bridesmaid dress)
  • 5 out of 7 bridesmaids ordered their dresses!
  • Decided on our cupcake baker and flavors (definitely another post)
And that's not even it! Of course there are a TON of things that I feel behind on (ordering the tuxes, working on the invites, preparing passports and booking flights for the honeymoon) but I need to breathe and enjoy this time! Too many times lately, have I run in with stress bouts from wedding planning. We have a little over three months left (eep!), and we are doing pretty well. I will endeavor to enjoy the rest of our time as an engaged couple!

But...I still am a huge Bride Brain right now!

I'll be better about posting soon --- the play's the thing (that keeps me from posting!).


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