Cupcake Stands

Remember when I said I was endeavoring to make us some cupcake stands? Well, over the holidays I was creating some awesomeness with our ring pillow, I also made some cupcake stand awesomeness!

I had been looking out for antique plates and teacups to match these:

Unfortunately, as of yet, I haven't found anything to match that would be sturdy enough. But FMIL found some pretties in an antique shop and let me play!

Lovely antique plates and platters!
Trying a double layered stand with milk glass plates
Yes, that's the glue that will eventually hold it together
(on the right)
Mix and match!

After a while, and with the help of FMIL and bridesmaid Claire, I was able to decide on two arrangements that I think (IMHO) are gorg! Using some glass glue, I made them permanent! All I had to do was to line the brims of the wine glasses with the glass glue, center the plates and press firmly. I made sure to let them dry for at least an hour before moving them, just to be safe. And behold!
This one with ethereal frosted glass plates and antique wine glasses
(And yes, there's a wedding picture in the background
-- P's parents!)
Lovely milk glass "doily" plates
and wine glasses
I'm really excited about the way that they turned out! Such an easy DIY project, and it came out so lovely. I'm hoping our caterer (coming soon to a blogpost near you!) will be excited as well! Now to hunt for some more plates to glue! That was definitely a successful crafty day!



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