Food, Glorious Food!

I mentioned a couple of times before that we have booked our caterer, and may have mentioned that we were sitting down with them this Monday. Well, that went down, and guys...I think I have a new crush! And it is on the Glorious Affairs catering team!

We had gone to an event they attended at our venue last May, "The Taste of The Towers," and I was drawn by their warm personalities and unique food offerings. But that evening, there were so many caterers and so much food to try that it was a bit overwhelming (Not necessarily in a bad way). Luckily, I had taken a card from each vendor I really liked and took note of what we tasted and how we liked it. Then, we sat down and looked each caterer up; their websites and how they have been reviewed in the past. We came up with three of our top favorite, and left the main decision to my future Mother and Father-in-laws. (They have graciously offered to take care of the caterer for our wedding gift). They decided on Glorious Affairs!

Once I knew that, I began to research them even more! (They've got the award for "Best of The Knot," just saying...). Patrick and I drooled over the menu options, and once I finished production of the last show I was in, I had more free time so we promptly scheduled a sit down meeting with them.

Not only were they super friendly and courteous on the phone, but they were so flexible with meeting times as to change our meeting date twice (difficulty scheduling because I wanted both moms and Patrick to be present). Alright, down to the meeting. Patrick and I went in with different attitudes and questions we thought were important. Patrick really wanted our menu to be unique, and to stay far away from being cookie-cutter. I wanted simple choices with creative presentations. And cupcakes. And as soon as we began talking about our wedding theme, and dreams for our day, they (Barbara and Jennifer -- our caterers) seemed to understand immediately!

First, they sat us down at a table and offered coffee, tea and water as we watched a short video portfolio of weddings they've catered. Each picture beautiful, and looking like a wedding I'd like to have attended! Then, Jennifer brought out all kinds of goodies for us to taste! 

Yummy shrimp and veggie wraps.
Of course, some coffee.

A pasta dish with bacon and creamy sauce, and
my favorite: tomato bisque in it's own cute mini mug.
I mean, I could go on and on about how delicious the spinach puffs were, or how tender the beef skewers, or the savory bacon wrapped figs...but that would make me hungry! There was not a food that I didn't absolutely love. Which made me and I'm sure Patrick and the moms, so excited to begin planning our own menu!

Patrick and my Mom enjoying our feast!
After the unexpected, but very welcome and enjoyed mini feast, we started planning. We talked about what foods we liked and wanted our guests to enjoy; and Jennifer and Barbara offered suggestions and different menu options that were both unique and (we think) will be pleasing to all. They really seemed to understand what we wanted for our wedding. They also cater and specify each menu for each event anew, so almost never would there be an exact same catering menu from them. Not only were we able to decide on almost our full menu, but we both were satisfied. Barbara and Jennifer were wonderful at listening to our ideas and making suggestions that fit perfectly! I don't want to reveal the full menu, but I will say that we will be having mini cheese pizzas as part of our hors d'ouevres and there will be cupcakes, and definitely a signature drink! (That matches our colors and compliments the season).

She made us a sample of what our signature drink will be!
St. Germains!
Glorious Affairs also handles all the linens, dishware, glassware and flatware. We have decided our linens will be royal blue with matching napkins folded into which will be a peacock feather! Simple silver and white dinnerware will compliment this and I can't WAIT to see it!

Lastly before I stop singing this ballad of praise to these truly 'glorious' caterers, the cupcakes will be outsourced to either Patti Cakes in Wakefield, or Newport Sweet Shop in, well, Newport. Rest assured I will be forcing having Patrick down to RI again with me to try some tasty cupcake samples as soon as I can! 

Like I said repeatedly, I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about GA. All of us left the meeting feeling happy and excited. And honestly, it's starting to feel more real. 176 days, babe! Let's go!



P.S. If you have an event in RI or are getting married -- for serious, check out Glorious Affairs at www.gloriousaffairs.net 

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