Not the musical, although it's delightful!
I'm talking about bridal hairdos! This little topic has been in the background of my BrideBrain ever since October when I purchased my dress! I have been going back and forth with what kind of style I'd like; up -- beautiful chignons, graceful side-ponytails; or down --- giant curls, or half up (my usual, everyday style). Now, I am terrible at doing my own hair. I usually let it air dry and put it half up like so:

My normal go-to hairstyle.

Which serves me quite well, most days. But, I know myself and I don't want to be twiddling my hair on my wedding day, therefore I am leaning more towards an updo - or something out of the way. Also, our wedding is in July and I'm guessing it will be hot. I'd like to have something that lasts the day. So onward to the inspiration pictures! (Thanks Google!)

Patrick. Shoo!

I may end up using a style from one of
the below pictures, so scram!

I WISH I could do something like this. SO gorgeous,
but alas, my hair is not long enough.
But I can dream, can't I?
Oh! This would be lovely -- and compliment my dress.
Thanks for being so classy, Kate!
I adore the low chignon!
This one is nice too, I like how loose the bun is.

I love this sort of '20s era chignon.

Super awesome side ponytail! I wish I had the
length to pull that off!

My hair was in a similar style to this for Abbie's wedding!
And it held so well, and looked good I think.
I love the little braid detail.

Love the tousled look to this one.

Ok. Here's one I found a few months ago that I am
absolutely obsessed with! I LOVE the thickness
of the braid. It's so artful how it curls into the bun.
So there are my inspirational pictures thus far. I really seem to be leaning toward a loose chignon with curled side pieces it seems. I think it would be best so I don't fuss at it all the long July evening! Plus, it will be nice to keep cool in my big white dress!



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