Dressing up the Guys!

I can't believe I never told you guys about what the GUYS will be wearing! So rude. I apologize.

When we got engaged, I knew that Patrick would want to have a special outfit for our wedding day. He's a stylish guy, and very particular about clothing, accessories, etc. So we waited for a while, but when I got my dress, we thought we'd start working on the gentlemen's attire.

Patrick didn't want anything ordinary, or boxy looking. In fact, he had a very specific idea about having grey tux jackets with black pants. Super handsome. I told him I'd love whatever he'd pick, and also gave him the vaguest idea of my dress' and the girls dresses' aesthetic: romantic, elegant, etc. Just words to think about. Well, we found a great one, but realized that it would have been 1. ridiculously expensive and 2. quite hard to obtain (from an online website with no in store locations to try on. So we scrapped it and started over. And then...lovely Vera Wang decided again to prove her awesomeness with the BLACK label for Men's Warehouse.

Um. Hello...
It has that sleek, classic look and will look outstanding! (Not to toot our own horns but we have some handsome groomsmen and a HOT groom!). Patrick decided to go with black skinny ties instead of the bow tie, and I can get behind that.

I can't wait to see him in this!
I'm so happy they were able to find something that really will flatter all of the men and that caters to Patrick's modern/classy style.
Oh, remember these? These are Patrick's cufflinks!

I can't wait to see my man all dressed up. Even though his first pick didn't work out, I think we are all going to be very happy with this tux!



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