Eve Photography - Making us feel like models!

I know I mentioned that our photographer is AMAZING. But she went and amazed us yet again! We were thrilled to have another engagement shoot done last week, and even though we had our e-pics done by a friend before we found Evgenia, it was a great way to see how we would work with her on the day with a sort of "practice shoot."

I had seen her portfolio, and her website and was already impressed, but Patrick and I were floored when we saw the pics from this shoot! So, I found a new blue dress, and Patrick and I headed to the South End in the late afternoon of last Tuesday.

We had so much fun and the locations were beautiful! And though it took a few shots for us to relax and get confident, I am so happy with the pictures. Check them out!

Tush grabbing to loosen up! All smiles.
 She was so great at making us feel confident and giving us little tips on how to hold ourselves for the most flattering looks.

But, she also caught moments "between poses" that were truly *us*.

And the lighting outside on the water was spectacular!

I love how energetic and passionate she is as a photographer. And how caring she is as a person. She's become a real good friend of ours. No need to mention her artistic talent (she's also shot dancers of Lady Gaga's, as well as other celebs!), and she is always working so hard to better her craft. That really speaks to Patrick and I, as artists ourselves.

We had a wonderful time at the shoot and cannot wait to see what she gets this Saturday!!!

LOVE them! Ahh! Cannot be more pleased or grateful or excited with these! (If you're looking for a photographer in and around Boston, MA -- definitely look up Eve Photography. I promise you will find a wonderful, passionate and talented photographer to capture your true selves and love for your big day).



P.S. OMG There is only four days left to the wedding!


  1. those pics are amazing!! so beautiful :) good luck this weekend!!! :):)

  2. Loving the ones of you on the deck on the water with the lights in the background. Hope today is going well :)