Visiting the Venue

Last weekend, I traveled down to my home-state, not only for a visit with the venue and a meeting with our site coordinator, but I met with my FMIL and FSIL for breakfast and to check out the hotels and B&Bs our guests would be staying at. Guys, what a fun day it turned out to be!

Firstly, early I met with Kate our site coordinator. We did a walk through of the venue with Patrick's mother. Whenever I walk through the Towers, I am again floored with the elegance and beauty of them.

Here's what my view will be like before walking down the aisle!
(plus our decorations and flowers, chairs, guests, Patrick, and the wedding party)

See the GORG lights? So romantic!

The location of the marriage ceremony!
Before a balcony and the Atlantic Ocean!
This is what it will be like for Patrick and I during the ceremony!
(plus our decorations, guests, etc, etc)

This is where the Cocktail Hour (weather permitting) will be!
Complete with bubbling fountain and rose bushes in bloom.
 Now, I don't want to overwhelm the Towers with so many decorations and flowers. I mean, it kind of stands on it's own. So, I am creating minimal DIY decorations some of which I have revealed, some are yet to be posted.

We also walked around the "Bridal Suite" which is just downstairs. I'm sure that's where me and the 'maids will be putting on our final touches/I'll officially be putting my dress on!

My head is swimming with the thoughts of fun bridal portraits and pics of the girls in this room!!!

Next, we checked out hotels. Man oh man, are the hotels lovely! I didn't take any pictures (naughty blogger!) of those, but they are beautiful! The one I hope most OOT guests will stay in is the Village Inn. Some family are already booked in there. It's about a five minute walk to the Towers. That's right. WALK. Parking issue (there's only roadside parking) SOLVED...kinda.

Anyway, that day somehow resolved into us stumbling into a Cupcake bake-off competition of sorts called...

Omigod. This is happening, like, the one day I've come
down in awhile for wedding stuff?!?!?!
Our cupcake baker was there, and she WON! She was in the top six cupcake bakeries in RI, not only that but she was at the top of the LIST! Woot! So, not only did we have a lovely day strolling our venue, but we got to sample and even take home some cupcakes from our cupcake vendor! What's that you say? Wait a minute, did I still not tell you who our beloved Vendor of the Cupcakes are? Well, that's for tomorrow's post!

See you then!!!



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