Premarital Counseling!

As you know, we'll be married by an Episcopalian minister and therefore will have an Episcopalian wedding ceremony. In order to be married in the Christian church, you must complete four sessions of premarital counseling (which sounds very serious and a little intimidating). But our pastor, Rev. Steve, is such a wonderful man and he made it very easy so it became a fun experience going to our sessions.

The purpose of these sessions is not only for the pastor to determine if our marriage is a good idea, but for him to get to know us. He'll be present at one if not the greatest moment of our shared lives and it's important for him to find out how we came together from our separate backgrounds.

First, Patrick talked about his upbringing: his parents, his pathway through music, past relationships, and finally meeting me. I did the same. We talked about our financial goals and dreams, as well as other practical things you may not necessarily think about when caught up in the romantic dream that is wedding planning! We each got to talk about where we expect to live, how many kids we'd like, practical stuff. I am very grateful for this because there were many things (all great to talk about, of course) that I neglected to think about but that are equally important as the wedding itself. It was all about our life together before and what it will be like after the wedding. Fascinating really.

For our last session, last week we started hammering out our Ceremony: what readings, which songs, and what the actual marriage will look like. This gave a whole new reality to our day and excitement and nerves came right along with it! We still need to set it all, but after that session, we basically had our ceremony written out!

I'll save the order of the ceremony for my recaps, so you'll have to wait until after the wedding; BUT! there will be Shakespeare, a reading from Scripture and Pablo Neruda poetry! We wanted it to be *us* as well as something sacred. I think with Rev. Steve's help, we are able to achieve that.

We officially are "ready" for the marriage ceremony! Gotta research that license!

What about you guys? What's your prep for the acutal marriage?



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