Mr. and Mrs. {Chair Signs, that is}

I warned you, it was about to get all DIY-crafty up in this blog. I have to catch up on posts about the crafts I have been slowly but surely checking off. We're a mere 92 days away from the wedding (eep!) and I know there are going to be things that I forget, so there are random projects I have been taking care of in the meanwhile. Like chair signs....

I always thought those little signs were so cute! Clearly, there would be no confusion on the day as to who the bride and groom are, and as to which chairs (the empty ones, so I am told --- because of all of the canoodling with the guests!) the bride and groom will occupy. But I love the signs nonetheless. So, I sat down to make them using some craft paper from my favorite place (Michaels of course), a lace border punch and my calligraphy markers. I decided to use Precious from Dafont.com as a template (I free-hand drew them, because I couldn't figure out how to trace onto the craft paper (it's too heavy), but I think they came out alright).

Vintage-looking craft paper!

Look how pretty the "lace" trimming looks!

I super recommend the calligraphy markers, they're from Target!

There. But, they aren't going to magically hover by our chairs! So I backed them with cardboard, and using an Exact-O knife, carved two little holes and tied some sheer ribbon through them so they could hang (make sure the ribbon is the same length for both signs, otherwise, there will be a lopsided look). And ta-dah!

Choosing "Mr." and "Mrs." instead of "Bride" and "Groom" was all up to Patrick, and I love how they came out! Can't wait to see them hanging on our chairs announcing our new statuses as a married couple! 



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