Ten Hearts and a Navy Handkerchief

Two years ago, Patrick and his family lost a dear soul. Patrick's Uncle Tony. He was a large, happy part of Patrick and his family's life, and the loss was painful and difficult for all he knew. I was fortunate enough to also have spent some precious time with him. I felt like I lost my own uncle when he past. He taught love, patience and humor to all, and his memory is with us daily. 

I have to say, it will be difficult, especially for Patrick that he won't be present at our wedding. And so, I decided to honor him with a special decoration: a bunting made with 10 lace hearts. Uncle Tony used to sign everything with "I love you with all of my 10 hearts," because one heart couldn't contain the amount of love he had to give. I thought we could honor him by having 10 hearts draped over the balcony doorways right where we plan the ceremony to be held (along with the wreath).

The craft was simple enough to make. I used lace heart doilies (2 packs of 12 at Michael's Craft Stores) and some basic white twine and of course, my trusty hot glue gun. I laid one heart down and put a bead of hot glue across the string laid down the middle and then glued a second doily heart on top to complete the attachment. Repeat nine more times and it looks a little something like this...

We really wanted to find a good way of keeping Uncle Tony in our hearts and minds without dwelling so much on the sadness of missing him. I think this will be a nice way of keeping him throughout our wedding.

When I was younger, I lost my grandfather; my father's father. A man who not only was my Poppa, but we had lived with my grandmother and grandfather since I was two. I was about eight when he passed away, and it was the first real grief I experienced. I think of him all the time, and I wanted to have something to take with me to have of his on our day. My grandmother had the perfect idea of what to use. My Poppa apparently had a navy blue handkerchief that he always kept. My Grammy gracious let me borrow it, and it is so special to have to me. I know I already have several "Something Blues" but I am so appreciative to add this particular one. I haven't figured out where I'll have it (I'm thinking maybe the bouquet somehow or perhaps sewn into the inside of my dress), but just knowing that this piece of my grandfather will be with me, makes me very happy. My Poppa was a man of few words, but great laughs and even greater love. I want him honored at the wedding, and I am so glad I have a way of carrying him with me.

My Poppa's blue handkerchief
How are you remembering those you've loved and lost on your day?



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