New shoes...Now???

About to spill about the bridal look so scram P-bub! I love you though!

OK. What am I talking about. Well, a LONG time ago, I think before I even ordered my dress, I had already ordered and received my wedding shoes. And I loved them. But there was one thing it didn't really really love about them. And that was their color wasn't perfect. Actually, it was too dark --- It was navy, rather than cobalt. But my Bride Brain was hungry to check shoes off the list, and I thought they would be fine, so I ordered them, and they have come with me to my fittings (which --- I am done BTW, I am so lucky, only needed to do a bustle, now the question is can I maintain this wait for three months...hmmm) and they have been fine. But that's it. Just fine.

Flash forward to last week. You know, browsing zappos.com, which is DANGEROUS. I'm serious! Use caution, it will make you want every shoe, ever. Anyway --- I just for fun type in blue heels and lo and behold, there are MY wedding shoes, but in a brighter color blue! I couldn't help it, I almost immediately ordered them. A week later and they are here and I am SOOOOO happy with them. (My first pair I am going to sell, so keep an eye on weddingbee if you are interested in size 6 Nina Culver shoes!). They are brighter and best of all, the same fit and comfort of my original shoes. I can't WAIT to wear them with my dress!


Still not exactly the right blue, but I like the brighter
pair better!

What about you brides-to-be? What was your journey to the wedding shoes like?



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  1. Agree- prefer the brighter blue.

    I got traditional wedding shoes - was easy for me, found them from my first search on the internet.