Hair Trial

Patrick, honeypie, you've got to head on outta here!

I mentioned before the types of hair styles I was looking at for the wedding. They were all updos. And I noticed, a lot were braided messy styled buns, while few were classic chignons. Trying on my dress for the first and second fittings made me realize that a more classic look would go better with my style of dress. And, after booking with the woman who did my hair before I even wore make-up! She did my hair for both proms in high school, and did a lot of the cuts and styling all through my time living in RI. It's special that she's going to be doing my hair for our big day, for that reason. She's also doing a few bridesmaid's dos and I think it will be a nice way of relaxing and preping before the Ceremony.

When I booked her, I immediately emailed her a whole bunch of the same pictures I posted before in my "Hair" post. She noticed the textures and the styling and gave me her feedback: first, she said it would be good for me to do an updo, as it will be July and most likely hot and humid. Also, my hair tends to be pin straight, and doesn't hold a curl, so keeping it up and pinned back would be wise. She told me to keep searching, and we scheduled a hair trial on the same day as my second dress fitting and I was eager to get into that styling chair!

Before the appointment, I went to print out my inspiration pictures and stumbled upon this picture...


I loved the way it looked; so classy and elegant. It seemed to be the style that belonged with my dress. So, I decided to try that one! I asked Marianne (my stylist) to give me a few whispies around my face to soften the look. I knew I couldn't pull off a severe style --- and even though this isn't a severe style by any means, I wanted to have a soft bridal look (Tip: make sure your hair is clean, though not squeaky clean; recently (i.e. washed the morning of) will likely not hold the style. Depending on how dirty your hair gets, my stylist suggests washing the night before).

Here's how it turned out! Pardon the blurry photos and tired look from me (I'd been up and about since 6am that Saturday).

Back view

Back view, with hair flower I made

Back view, with hair flower
Side view. Ugh, must remember to get good rest
the night before!
What do you think? We all agreed for a little more height on the top of the crown of my head. And that I will be wearing just a veil for the Ceremony and then add the hairflower and remove the veil for the Reception! I am glad I was able to schedule my fitting for that evening, so I was finally able to see the whole picture. I think I was right, it is a good pairing of this hairstyle and my dress. Since I am very familiar with my stylist, I felt no pressure to like what she did, and she was very encouraging for me to speak up if I was dissatisfied. I also had my mother and sister MOH there to give their opinions so I knew I was around people who'd tell me the truth. I was admittedly nervous, I thought because I know little about hair styling that I would just go with the flow, even if I wasn't happy. But that was not the case! I feel so lucky to have that friendly and  environment in my hair trial. I think, with a few tweaks on the day of, it will be my imagined bridal look come to being!

Did you make any changes to your imagined bridal look after seeing the dress on? How much advice do you take from your stylist (I take everything, because I know nothing about hair)? What was your hair trial like?




  1. Very traditional. elegant and pretty, what a great job your stylist did. I didn't make any changes though mine was quite simple - half up and curled, with some height.

  2. Thanks, Cathy! I love the half up/curled styling!