Shakespeare and Love

I told you I had been half-finishing (in some cases, only about 1/3 finishing) a bunch of DIY projects. This is one of those 1/3 finished projects, and actually one that I am having a LOT of fun with. It is our Table Names/Numbers!

I might have mentioned that we are going with Shakespearean themes for the tables' names as I am a BIG Shakespeare Nerd. {Also, today is Shakespeare's 448th birthday, so fitting time for this post!}Anyway, I had the idea to do Shakespearean Sonnets as the "names" and numbers for our tables. Sonnets 1-14 (although we are still not sure how many tables we'll need). Thanks to my bridesmaid, Abbie, I have several white IKEA picture stands and templates of her own wedding table names to go by! Thanks, Abbie!

I started with some pretty cardstock I found at Michael's and cut it down to the appropriate size. Using the same font as I did on the "Mr" and "Mrs" signs (which is the font I'll be using for all of our Wedding signs (later post!)), I began drawing out the numbers.

That's my GIANT Complete Works of Shakespeare
book they are standing on, yes.
Next, after carefully marking straight lines to write by, I wrote out each Sonnet from the Complete Works for each number for the tables. Sonnet 1 for Table 1, etc, etc.

I have only gotten four of them done, because the invitations took over my life for about three weeks. But now that I am free of them, I can get going back with the table numbers. I am really excited about this, I think they are coming out swell!

I'll show you the rest when all is done!



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