Mason Jars

Remember when I said I had a whole lot of mason jars? Well, my brills fiance came up with a great idea to use them! I originally thought of using them to make centerpieces; covering them with lace ribbon and then stuffing flowers for our tables. But --- after we got our florist, and a simpler centerpiece took shape in our minds, I wanted to find another purpose for them. Patrick suggested we still wrap them with the lace but add small no-flame candles to line the stairs leading up to the Ceremony/Reception room. (No-flame makes it safer for the floor and perhaps window positions we place them in. 

All medium-sized mason jars

Here's the simple How-To...
I got some wide lace ribbon on-sale from Michael's and went to work with my glue gun.

So pretty! I love how it catches the light!
Next, I took the ribbon I used on our fans and birdcage card holder, and tied little knots!

See? How cute?
I can't wait to see what they look like with the no-flame candles! Lighting our dance floor and stairway! (Quick tip: buy no-flame candles from Michael's --- they're cheaper there than they are anywhere I found online! Especially if you are going for the tealight ones like we are!). I'm realizing that most of my DIY things are almost semi-DIY because, well, they are so easy! I am really proud of all the homemade touches we'll be adding to make our wedding personal.

What are you doing yourself?



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