Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a six-pence in her shoe!

The age-old rhyme. I love it. Such a sweet tradition for the Bridal attire details. I intend on doing my best to gather all my somethings for the big day! I got a little curious today and did a little research on the rhyme and this is what I came up with: The Something Old is supposed to be protection for the couple's future child. (Wikipedia said nothing for Something New, but it is my opinion that something shiny and new to wear on the wedding day is always cause for happiness). Something Borrowed is traditionally from another happy bride, to pass along that happiness and bring good luck. Something Blue (my favorite of course, I will have SEVERAL something blues) is there because blue is a symbol for fidelity. The six-pence is a British coin and acted as both a sign of prosperity and wealth for the couple, and a ward against any evil done by "frustrated suitors" to be worn in the left shoe. The tradition is attributed to Lancashire county in 1883.

Well, what do I have to show for myself? Lot's of stuff!!!

If you'll recall my posts where I talked about accessories, you will see that I am slowly but surely acquiring my somethings!

First; because I have been teasing about this for awhile, let me talk about one of my Something Blues. I found it in my first Friday Finds post and I couldn't stop thinking about it! Oh, get outta here P-man!!!

I mean it babe, 
I'm about to talk about my 
wedding dress here!!!

Wee! So, When I tried on the dress last, I was talking with my mom and future MIL and we were talking about adding a little to the dress! We were thinking that adding a simple ribbon at the waist would really add to the silhouette. And my consultant suggested finding a brooch or button to tie it together. Well, I found one that I love! Also the Etsy seller One World Designs Jewelry was fabulous! She made sure that the package was delivered and sent me a beautiful little card to go with it, with well wishes for the wedding! I love the piece and I am excited that I now have a piece of the wedding that I could potentially pass down to my children in the future! Without further a do, here she is!!!

One of my Something Blues!!!
Yay! I am so excited to bring it to the first fitting (which I still have to schedule AHH!) and to see how to get it on my dress. 

I'll continue this post soon! I'm heading to a meeting with my boss from work to begin planning our ceremony! EEE! More on that later too!

What's your Something Blue? Are you planning on acquiring all of them?

All the best,


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