A Note on Asterisks and Our First Kiss!

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving! Last weekend, my company closed its inaugural show and I am so excited/pleased about our work! But at the same time, it has left me absolutely exhausted. I am so looking forward to this holiday, crafting and relaxing with my family before I jump into rehearsal again for A Christmas Carol this Friday! (Super yay!) Stop rambling, Micah, come on!

This post has been a very long time coming as it's going to discuss a very special part of our relationship. And our first kiss (it's a pretty goofy story to boot!). Here's the lowdown:

As I may have posted before, Patrick and I met in the summer of 2008, doing a show we both wanted no part of for various, different reasons.
Birds of Paradise cast

After our silly flirtation when we began to realize we were rapidly falling in "like" with each other, I would take him after every rehearsal to what would become our spot; Narragansett Beach. Now, we were very good, nothing naughty transpired; we would go for walks and talk, and finally head home (he had over an hour to drive). We had already been on our first date (Hulk, Applebees, etc) and he didn't kiss me then! I had really thought he would and I was being coy (wanted him to make the first move) and I even snuck a piece of gum to insure fresh breath (which I found out later that he noticed my awkward sneaky move and thought it was cute). So, needless to say I was ready for the big first kiss! (Note: we were still not "officially" dating, but I considered us exclusive at that point). Back to the story: We had just spent the night with my family outside watching fireworks at Westerly's annual "Pops in the Park." A family tradition, which afterward, I suggested we go to the beach. All the while, an evil headache came creeping into my temples. No matter, I thought, I will pretend not to be tired! I wanted so badly to hang out with P, that I disguised the growing headache and pretended I was fine. And no, I didn't take any medicine or try to make myself better; that would have been admitting defeat! And I was determined not to be ill.

We headed to our spot and parked our cars. Went for our walk, talked for an hour, and as we walked my headache got increasingly worse. To the point where I couldn't hide it anymore, and had to admit that the night needed to end. We headed back to our cars, where at a last desperate attempt to elongate the date (ha!) I played him some music. At this point I was practically doubled over in the driver's seat of my car; the headache having turned into a definite migraine. This is where Patrick, my smooth hero, comes in. You see, he thought I was faking it to get him to comfort me, and therefore kiss me. And so, he did! And although I was all for it, I was definitely not faking the headache. And you know what, sparks still flew! He left for home, and I blasted "I've Just Seen A Face" from Across the Universe. And I wouldn't change it for the world. (Our second kiss happened a few nights later, same beach, sans-headache with a shooting star whizzing by above us right before!!! Swoon!).

First picture ever taken of us shortly after that night.
 Explains a lot, huh?

And now, for the asterisk-explanation...*

You know emoticons; :-) >:-( :-D etc, etc. Well, here's where I got my idea, the general emoticon for a kissy-face looks like so :-* One day, I was at work; and Patrick texted me something awfully sweet, and I responded simply with an asterisk* He asked me what it meant, and I said "That's a kiss." From then on, we began to use it all the time! Little notes around our apartment, texts, on birthday, Christmas and anniversary presents. Basically anything. It's another way of us telling each other that we love each other!!! And it's a little thing that has stayed with us. So, of course it's gotta somehow get into the wedding. Some of my ideas include; bunting, cupcake flags, and I bought P some awesome typewriter cuff links for Valentine's day last year that he plans to wear in the wedding!

The one on the right!
Aren't they adorbs?
From Etsy
I love them! And I will be updating with my crafty ideas once I can sit still for two minutes to begin experimenting! What about you guys? Does anyone have a little secret way of saying "I love you" to your SO? Anymore ideas for asterisks in my DIY decor?



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