Sad News in Kardashian Land

Kim Kardashian revealed yesterday that she will be divorcing her husband Khris Humphries after a 10 week marriage. And the news is EVERYWHERE! Google search's third auto-fill option when I type in 'Kim Kardashina' is already "divorce." And honestly, I am a little sad for them.

As soon as the Dress was found, ordered and now arrived, I have realized I need to tone up! Not lose weight or anything, but you know, keep slim. So I joined a gym. Boston Sports Club to be exact! And I am trying to go at least three times a week, which for the most part, excluding last week (only twice) I have been doing. Anyway, this is all to lead up to me running on the Eliptical, and the thing that gets me through that half hour, because I hate running with the burning passion of a thousand suns has been actually watching the t.v. that is attached to the machine. Guess what show is always on when I run?
And do I watch it? Yes. I am slightly ashamed, but yes I do. And the weeks after Kim and Kris' wedding, they would show the wedding special over and over and I kept seeing different pieces put together until I had watched it enough to see the whole thing. I will admit, there were times when I was watching it when I became genuinely emotional. But as I have said many times, anything Wedding gets me right in the heart these days. As were there times when I wanted to puke because of the shallow, extravagances that they were constantly whining about. My point is, although it is a superficial reality show family, I do feel a little sympathy. Divorce alone must be devastating but to go through a divorce in front of millions of viewers of tabloids, television and the media? It must be very difficult.

By the same token, she enjoyed an elaborate wedding, she is very famous and I am sure she will recover. And having it spread all over Twitter, Facebook and the news is occurring because she is allowing it. Their bank accounts are managing quite well, even with the legal fees. The big thing is that they probably should have spent more time considering their marriage versus thinking only about the wedding day. The vows you make on that day are meant to last forever, not after the last champagne bottle has been guzzled. It's ONE day. Yes, it's supposed to be a celebration, but it is supposed to be a celebration of love and a beginning of a lasting commitment in front of friends and family. A beginning, not one big happening and result in one day. In that regard, I find this whole mess to be quite annoying. Also, the simple fact that this is her second marriage, and no lessons were learned after the first. It makes me remember that when I get caught up in the details, I remember that the only thing I really care about is our marriage. Not the party.

I guess what it comes down to is that divorce is a terrible thing that eats away at the heart, and while maybe it was never meant to be, it's way better to have loved and lost, and loved and lost again than to have never loved at all, right? Maybe next time, make sure you can live with the marriage after the wedding...?



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  1. I still can't believe this. Rightly or wrongly I question their true feelings.