Ring a ding-dings!

And no, I am not talking about the oh-so-delicious, filthy Ring-Dings...
I'm talking about wedding rings! And with that, guess what Patrick and I did today....?

We headed up to Jared's to start the hunt for our wedding bands. We figured, since we had a lovely and rare day off (Happy Veteran's Day!), we would have a nice, relaxing day together. With some yummy chai, and the excitement of looking at pretty rings, we stepped into the jewelry store. We totally thought we were only going to be looking at rings but ::SPOILER ALERT:: we found both of them!

Please excuse my tired eyes!
A result of production week!
Patrick, being a wonderful gentleman, had me looking for my ring first. Now, when I started looking for wedding rings for myself, I was looking for something to compliment my beautiful engagement ring. I still was when I went to the store, but I didn't know exactly what I would find! I got to look at many beautiful rings, but Patrick asked me to try on one, and I knew from then that it would be my wedding band. We tried on plain bands, pave diamond bands, bands with euro-shanks like my engagement ring, and then....we found mine. It's white gold with three princess cut diamonds and two baguette shaped diamonds, and I love it! Patrick spotted my precious and asked to see it with my engagement ring and guys, it looks meant to be. (Side note: is it weird that "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison came into my head through the giddiness of wedding ring shopping and didn't leave for the rest of the day?)

Here it is!!!
A little big, but we've ordered it in my freakishly small size.
And here with my e-ring!
I really like it. I am surprised at what I ended up with, I thought it would be very plain, but as I said I am in LOVE with my ring! Now for Patrick...

Patrick is very stylish, as evidenced by his sharp aesthetic taste. It's very specific, which is why I thought it would be best if we did our ring shopping together! Also, it was a lovely time spent as a couple getting excited for the wedding! After looking at all the various choices; stainless steel, white gold, gold, etc, we had gotten down to three: a stainless steel band, a plain gold (traditional) band or a traditional gold band with a twist! Can you guess which one we ended up with?

Something similar to this...

It looks so wonderful on him! Just seeing him with his band makes me smile a big, stupid, happy smile. (P.S. His can also be engraved!!!!!)

It was so exciting to go, and even though we never planned to find our rings and purchase them at the first outing, but I'm really happy and excited we did!

Did anyone else find that they chose a different ring for their wedding band than they had though?



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