Lazy Sunday!!!

Go away, babe! This is not for you!!!

Today was a LOVELY lazy, crafty day over at my apartment! So nice! So I decided to work on some DIY stuff for the wedding. For a long time now, the decision has been made, by me of course, to *attempt* to make my own hair piece. I have tried a couple of different flowers; some using already made silk flowers, and a Tsunami flower tutorial I found on the Bee! Here are the results so far:

Tsunami Flowers
(My first try is the one on the right, a little rough, huh?)
Silk flower 
Blue silk flower and ribbon!
They're not so bad. I have a lot more trials to do of course!!! But, since Patrick is away this weekend, why not craft and watch abominable Rom-Coms while crafting? I know I want to make a white hairpiece for myself, and matching blue for the 'maids.

OH! I almost forgot. I acquired some precious Somethings at Thanksgiving...

My Stunning Grammy
(Look out Kate Middleton!)
My mom's super stylish Wedding hat-veil!
As you know, I already have my wedding dress and veil, but I am going to use bits of lace from these in very special parts of the wedding details: my hair flower, sewn into my dress and the ring pillow. And any other way I can! These items are so special to me because they come from very special women in my life who have taught me about love. I also plan on asking my other grandmother to send me some fabric from her wedding dress! Having pieces from their special days to carry with me is wonderful, and another reminder of the love I have been surrounded by growing up. Something Old? Check!

Any other brides out there using heirlooms from their mothers' and grandmothers' weddings?

Next up --- tutorials for the flowers!!!



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